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Whispering Woods Golf Club - 12th Hole From 200 yards to Putting Surface - In foreground is the ditch The Raptor affectionately refers to as "The Raptor's Ravine".

Whispering Woods Golf Club has become the ultimate polarizing facility in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  Those who have played it either love it or hate it.  At the root of the haters club is the overall difficulty of the layout and the golf ball gobbling hazards which permeate the golf course.  

A byproduct of the daily play is the game within the game which is - how many golf balls can I find today? -  This past week has been a perfect example.  Conservatively, those who have played with The Raptor have dished off about 50 golf balls which they didn't want.  Included in this collection are every conceivable brand on the market.  Needless to say, I change balls frequently and in most cases the balls are brand new. 

Another haters talking point has been the design features of some of the holes, especially the par 5's.  The Raptor has had little success on the 4 holes as a group and continues to struggle. 

On the other hand, on many occasions, the Raptor has played exceptionally well on the front nine holes and is hopeful to do better next year on the back nine.

The Whispering Woods lovers enjoy the location, condition of the course and the interaction with nature in the form of turkey, deer, snakes and a lot of birds.  The course is well maintained and there are no bugs...something you find at places like Peak N Peek and Riverside.




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