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Year Brand Comment
1968 MacGregor - Byron Nelson (1945ish) Given To Me By My Grandfather, Was A Great Club That The Raptor Tried To Refinish With A Bench Grinder - Needless to say bench grinders and persimmon don't mix...Now Occupies A Hallowed Position In The Raptor Golf Club Hall Of Fame
1972 Royal w/ Shallow Face (New) Junk - The Raptor Tried To Modify It In the Late 80's - NFG - Now Occupies A Hallowed Position In The Raptor Golf Club Hall Of Fame
1975 MacGregor - Mike Souchak - (1965ish) A Raptor Fav - The Raptor Gave Club To Ben Thorndill For Restore In Late 80's - Unfortunately, Ben restored it to junk status...NFG - Club Looks Good - Now Occupies A Hallowed Position In The Raptor Golf Club Hall Of Fame
1985 Clone Metal Head - Ben Thorndill Brand Junk
1989 Taylor Made Burner w/ Aldila HM40 Shaft Junk
1991 Golfworks Composite Head w/ Aldila HM55 Shaft Junk & More Junk
1993 Taylor Made Midsize Junk - But Had Ultra Cool Two Tone Shaft - Club Was Used By Nick Price In His Glory Years - At Least He Could Hit It!
1994 Taylor Made Burner Bubble A Raptor Fav - Ball Went A Long Way
1996 Taylor Made TiBubble Junk - Awful Junk
1997 Taylor Made TiBubble II Better Than The TiBubble, But Still Junk
2000 Callaway Hawkeye Titanium A Raptor Fav - A Truly Great Club - Purchased With Crane $$$$ From Lakeview Tournament Winnings. Had Draw Bias - The Raptor Recalls That I Reached 13 At Lakeview Several Times Using The Callaway and Made Two Put In Eagles, One Of Which Was Witnessed By My Daughter
2004 Cobra 440 Titanium This Club Was Won In A Club Auction At Lake Shore CC And Was A Great Club.  Unfortunately, The Raptor Had A Tendency To Hit The Ball Too High With The Cobra
2006 Taylor Made R7 w/ TP Shaft The Raptor's New Driver.  Used At End Of 2006 Season With Tremendous Success.  Has Four Adjustable Weight Ports - The Raptor Has Ball Flight Set Up For Mid Draw - Ultra Cool!
2008 Callaway FT-5. 9.5 degree loft Feeling that the R7 was not performing for The Raptor, The FT-5 is going to be the new ideal.  Already used successfully during the past few weeks, it has proved to be a winner.  According To Raptor Playing Partner, Ray Kallner, FT stands for Full Throttle.
2011 Taylor Made Burner 2.0 Superfast The Raptor absolutely thinks the new White Head's on the Taylor Made's are Hot! Hot! Hot! So far after one week of action results have been excellent with a slight bump in distance and a sound like a rifle crack when contact with a Pro V1 is initiated
2013 Taylor Made R1 With all of the intense marketing that was initiated with the new R1, it was inevitable that it would have to end up in The Raptor's bag. The early results were good with some additional distance picked up of about 10 to 15 yards...this is nice. The Raptor likes the orange and black color scheme and kind of associates it with the high school alma mater, Cathedral Prep. The specs are 8 degrees of loft...slight draw bias
2017 Taylor Made M2 So, The Raptor was starting to notice some flight charictaristics with the R1 driver last fall and decided it was time for a change. Keep in mind there was nothing intrinsingly wrong with the R1, it just didn't seem to be going as far as it had previouly. The M1/M2 series had been introduced earlier in the season,. so a demo was arranged with the Master Craftsman and after of couple of days of testing a new M2 was ordered and then picked up just as the season ended for 2016. If put in use in 2017, it may not be till late in the season, since The Raptor is presently on the mend after chest sugery










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