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The Titanic has been a integral part of our history since it's sinking on April 14th, 1912.  Check out the associated links here for some of The Raptor's collection of books and videos regarding the disaster.

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The intrigue started simple enough.  While still in grade school, The Raptor saw the penultimate move..."A Night To Remember" on late night TV.  Shortly after that, The Raptor picked up the book of the same title from the Scholastic Book Service.  It should be noted that reading was the principal activity of young people in the 60's since Cable TV and video games didn't exist at the time.

Information about the Titanic took a back burner until 1985.  In September of that year, Dr. Bob Ballard and his crew of intrepid explorers charted a group of scientific sea going vessels and teamed up with French scientists from IFERMER to locate the sunken liner as in rested two miles below the ocean surface. 

This event shook up every one who had even a mild interest in the sinking and jump started a new industry of documentaries and movies as well as fresh books about the disaster.

The Raptor's own take on the disaster revolves around the twits who piloted the ship into the ice field at full speed assuming that since the Titanic was "unsinkable" and that the worst could be avoided.  We now know differently and the compelling stories speak volumes.

There really isn't much more we can learn about this event.  Everyone who was aboard is dead.  The hearings and inquiries were conducted in 1912 when the disaster occurred.  All that's left is the volumes of testimony and the wreck itself which is slowly disintegrating and will be nothing but "rust dust" in about 25 to 50 years.

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