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Year Brand Comment
1968 No Name Putter This blade has a look similar to the Wilson 8800 series except that there is no flange on the back side...therefore it can be used righty or lefty. It has four stars on the bottom of the blade.  This putter was my first golf club and was given to me for my birthday in 1964.  It is a useless piece of junk.
1972 Wilson Augusta Looks similar to a Acushnet Bulls Eye Putter.  Purchased from the Dahlkemper Catalog showroom on Peach Street.  It is junk and is presently at my father's house where it occupies a hallowed place in his parlor room along with the electric ball return
1974 Royal 501G This certified piece of junk has a ultra cool chrome finish and a equally ultra cool two tone flange on the back of the blade that could conceivably pick up a missed putt when correctly angled.  It was purchased from the George Munro Pro Shop at Glenwood Golf Club.  The putter head had a tendency to loosen after repeated impacts with the earth after missed putts and there is a big gouge across the face from a spike.
1977 Acushnet Bullseye with Paddle Grip The blade has a code "HB 5 M S"  This stood for Heavy Blade, 35 inch, and...I do not know what else.  This putter was given to the Raptor by The Behrend College Men's Golf Coach, Ed Onorato.  Probably because I was the worst putter on the team!
1983 Ping Anser Obviously a great putter.  Ideal for sweeping missed putts up using back of flange.
1995 Cobra Classic CNC Milled Purchased after watching Loren Roberts miss his 4 footer in the 1994 US Open at Oakmont.  The Raptor immediately cut the putter down from 35 to 32 inches which effectively ruined it.  The Raptor never actually made a putt with what was actually a very nice putter.
1998 Never Compromise Z1 Alpha Mallet Putter Purchased from LVCC Assistant Pro Rich Rocky.  A nice putter that The raptor again cut down to 32". The were probably 2 or 3 putts made with this blade
2000 Odyssey DF 550  This ultra cool putter was popularized by Lee Janzen during his glory years.  Actually Lee seems to be still using it.  The Raptor's blade was purchased from a club warehouse...can't  remember which one.  The Raptor had excellent success with this putter, even though he cut it down to 32"
2006 Odyssey 2 Ball with SRT SRT stands for Saturn Ring Technology.  This putter was special ordered from Pro Golf after the Raptor cashed in all of the junk drivers sitting in the basement.  The Raptor has had good success with this putter during it's limited time in the bag.
2004 Special Note The Raptor tried having a simple long wand putter built by the Master Craftsman which was awful.  It was quickly shelved after one round.
2008 Odyssey DF 550 It has been back to the blade after a short experiment with the two-ball.  The putting has improved and I can one again pull the ball out of the cup with the toe of the putter...saves on the back









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