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Year Brand Comment
1968 Butchhart-Nichols These irons were a hand me down set from my grandfather, Arthur.  According to some information obtained from some golf club price guide books, these irons were produced in the 1940's and were considered a top flight set in their day.  The set may have suffered from neglect at some point as there are a couple of irons missing.  The Raptor can not remember them being lost, but they could have been lifted or lost.  So sad!
1972 Wilson Black Heather "Black Heather"  The name co notates a fine set and the design and style are of the muscle back variety.  The Raptor remembers these clubs coming from the Erie Sport Store. There are also some missing pieces in this set. Bummer 
1979 Power Bilt Citation Purchased from the Pro Golf Discount store on West 12th.  The original set had a 2 iron through pitching wedge.  The Raptor attempted to get a 1 iron later on, but could not score on the Citation model and had to settle on the Momentum brand.  The Power Bilt was always a desirable brand and the muscle back style was similar to the Black Heather.  Unfortunately, The Raptor could not hit the clubs and does not rcall any memorable rounds with them.
1986 R-90 Sand Iron Still in the bag after all these years.  A truly awesome club.  
1991 Armour 845s It's hard to believe that these clubs are still occupying a hallowed spot in The Raptor's bag.  Originally, the set included the 1 through S wedge.  Recently, the 2 iron has been shelved and the 1 iron has been replaced by a Taylor Made 2 Rescue which is a hi tech miracle.  When first purchased, these clubs radicalized The Raptor's game and as a result, The Raptor's cap dropped to a career low of 5.   Unfortunately, since then, the cap has been on a gradual climb and now is up to a lofty 11.  This is partially as a result of joining Whispering Woods which is a somewhat challenging golf course.  If The Raptor was still playing at LVCC, the projected cap would probably 9ish. The Raptor still hits the 845s's with authority, just not as far.  
2009 Adams A3 After almost 20 seasons in the bag The Armour 845s irons were retired in October, 2009 in favor of the Adams A3 set.  This set is a combination of hybrid (3,4,5) and traditional blade.  The set normally sold for $499.00 in golf specialty shops such as Dick's but The Raptor noticed a significant mark down last fall to $299.00.  Of particular note is the migration to regular shafts...with hope this will result id better consistency and a renewed sense of feel on those tricky approach shots from 150 yards.
2010 Titleist - Vokey Wedge Set As was the case with the 845s irons, the Wilson R-90 Sand Wdge was a Raptor Fav...that didn't stop me from purchasing a Vokey set in the 52 - 56- 60 degree loft configurations.  These clubs also have "spin mill" faces which have been deemed illegal - so what!...I am using them and I am going to laugh about it!
2011 Taylor Made - Burner 2.0 The Adams irons were retired last season in about June except for the 4 and 4 rescue clubs .  Then The Raptor decided to take advantage of this new technology and get "fitted" for a set of irons...The TV ad states that these irons promote incredible distance...well, the juries still out on that but they look great.  Kind of a two tone black and chrome head.  So far after about 10 rounds there have been a few good passes, a few really bad passes and a lot of middle of the road passes.  I feel comfortable with the short irons and I have been getting better with the long irons.  One thing is for sure, The Raptor is looking good, even though he is not good
2016 Taylor Made - Hybrid 4 and 5 The Taylor Made Hybrids were picked up in an attempt to get some new flight characteristics with the two remaining longer irons. Initially the new Taylor's proved a better fit for The Raptor than a set of similar Titleist Hybrids which were tested in 2015 but subsequentyly sold. The new Taylor Hybrids have been used from the shorted tee boxes at Whispering Woods where duistance is between 130 to 150 yarrds. For longer plays, the 5 wood is generally used.










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