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The Impala SS Page Created 2/28/07

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"What Was I Thinking?"

I will tell you what I was thinking -  It was the fall of 1995 and I was approaching my 40th Birthday.  I had been thinking about restoring a 1965 Corvette that was owned by an acquaintance.  I kept the Vette in my garage over the winter.  I did some calculating on what it would take to get that Vette back to looking sharp and had settled on offering $9,000.00.  I met with the acquaintance in early 1996 to negotiate the purchase. Unfortunately, an agreement could not be reached.  The seller wanted $12,000.00 so I bailed.

It was shortly after the negotiations broke down that I observed a shiny black SS cruising down State Street and I was hooked!.



I called up a buddy who worked at a local Chevy dealership to inquire about the auto and learn more about it.  Really...What was I thinking?  Without much effort, I bought the car without any hesitation.  I drove the car daily from 1996 through 2004.  Then, I decided to have the car repainted.  Again...What was I thinking?  This past year, I drove it about 500 miles.  It now has about 91,000 miles and still runs great.

As one of my friends who also owns one of these cars once said, "the SS is a real head turner."  I can attest to that and it is a real thrill to cruise down the street and notice the reaction of people on the street. 

I guess the attraction is the combination of the black finish and the unique aluminum wheels.  In addition, the car has that flavor that is evident in the raked angle from back to front that makes the car look like a NASCAR racer cruising at 150 miles per hour.


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