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The Raptor Papers Part 10 - 06/3/2017



Sea Change - The dictionary defines a "sea change" as a significant and/or systematic transformation. The term is frequently used in business and IT context as an alternative to the less desirous "paradigm shift"

Well, let it be told that a sea change is going on over yonder at ESPN. It started a couple of weeks ago when the long running show "The Sports Reporters" signed off on May 7th, 2017 to the total dismay of The Raptor. The show has been a Sunday staple for almost 30 years and was always "go to" "must see" TV for The Raptor during winter. During that time from about the years 2000 to 2015 The Raptor was usually golfing on Sunday morning, unless it was raining so there was less chance to see the show during the summer when the primary sports of baseball and the waiting game for the start of NFL Pre-Season were generally discussed by the panel.

The Sports Reporters was hosted by four moderators between 1988 and 2017...Gary Thorne, Dick Schaap, John Saunders and Mike Lupica. In it's early days some legendary Sports Reporters such as Bill Conlin (Philadelphia Daily News), William C Roden (New York Times), Bob Ryan (Boston Globe) and Mitch Albom (Detroit Free Press) served as Panelists. In addition, other frequent contributors included Jason Whitlock, Christine Brennan and Stephen A Smith.

While The Sports Reporters were mere mortals and their opinions did not have life and death ramifications, the setting of the stage and the quiet, mannerly interactions between host and panelist always appealed to The Raptor. On the flip side, the angry battles between Stephen A Smith and whomever is on First Take with him leave something to be desired

The Raptor has never been a big fan of Mike Lupica. He is a know-it-all jerk and is in need of a sucker punch. The Raptor has three issues. First, he was all poetic and lovey-dovey during Mark McGuire's historic run at the home run record back in the 90's and turned on McGuire (and the other batsmen of that era such as Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa) and rolled them all with a steam roller once the steroid issue materialized.

Second, Lupica was always anti Penn State and did a celebratory victory lap around the set about 10 years ago when Michigan QB Chad Henne beat The Nittany Lions at the last minute to remove Penn State from The National Championship chase.

Third, Lupica was embroiled in a controversy with the brother of a Face Book Friend regarding some local Connecticut kid's sports which resulted in the book called "Travel Team" It had been revealed by the FBF that Lupica was a jerk that time as well.

Even though The Sports Reporters was the title of a singular show, The Raptor used it as a catch all term when speaking to Ms. Raptor. It would go something like this..."hey Ms. Raptor, is it ok to turn on The Sports Reporters (Pardon The Interruption) instead of local news while we get ready for dinner?" Ms. Raptor will usually say yes but The Raptor is pretty sure she does not appreciate Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon yelling at each other.

Having lost The Sports Reporters, The Raptor couldn't take much more TV Land disappointment until the recent announcement that ESPN's Mike and Mike is also going down. While in some respects, the disharmony between show hosts Mike Greenburg and Mike Golic seems unusual, it is possible that friends can grow apart. Greenberg and Golic will now have their own shows it seems, and it won't be the same. The Raptor started tuning in to Mike and Mike each morning once my medical issues took center stage in January 2016 and it has been a nice run. They generally have had quality guests such as Herm Edwards and Golic's son, Mike Jr. Greenberg is extremely analytical (kind of like The Raptor) and has a very quirky but capable delivery. I especially like the animated skits where audio clips are incorporated into settings involving Mike and Mike to humorous outcomes.

What is the future of The Sports Reporters. Well, truth be told the available remaining shows leave something to be desired. In the unwatchable column, The Raptor can include: First Take (Molly Qerim, Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith are pretty much awful), The Rich Eisen Show (Never Have Seen A Single Episode), The Dan Patrick Show (extremely cluttered set with a lot of backdrop Producers and Directors), The Herd with Colin Cowherd (what is it with Cowheard up on a high stage while his guests sit on a sofa at a lower level? Does Cowheard think he is The Pope?) , Skip and Shannon Undisputed (Skip Bayless is also a jerk), and The Six (Michael Smith is OK and Jemille Hill is smart and sexy but the show comes on during the news hour).

Watchable shows include ESPN's Around The Horn (Woody Paige can be a jerk but Tony Reali keeps the show real) and Pardon The Interruption (Kornheiser has a great sense of humor and Wilbon is a real pro plus The Raptor likes it when they yell at each other) with a maybe shout out to Intentional Talk on The MLB Network. These shows are conflicting on the schedule but, one of these days The Raptor plans to install a DVR.

Well there you have it FBF's The Sports Reporters in a nutshell. Totally boring all the time but, less caustic then posting disparaging commentary about the other important topics of the day Politics and Religion. The Raptor would really like to sound off in those areas but the topics would probably be designated as covfefe



The Raptor Papers Part 9 - 05/23/2017




A Racin' Weekend - Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and FBF's celebrate in many ways. Some, like The Raptor will head over to a Memorial Gardens more commonly referred to as Cemeteries (Al Czervik referred to them as wastes of prime real estate) to pay respect to those who have preceded us. Others will perhaps take in a baseball game, where picking up a dog and a beer in The Field Of Dreams Tradition will cost you $50.00. Golf will be on the mind of many, especially in the Northeast where the season is just getting underway.

The Raptor likes to look back several years ago when "Toonaments" were conducted up yonder at Whispering Woods Golf Club on the major summer holidays. While The Raptor tended to place himself in the first group supposedly to score the Toonament, it can now be revealed that it was a blatant move to avoid getting stuck behind the typical slower playing groups who didn't seem to mind stumbling around the golf course over 5 hours with "The Look Of The Wounded Animal"

Since golf is on the back burner these days, The Raptor will be gearing up for Race Day Sunday which features three quality auto races. Starting at around 7:30 in the morning, The Grand Prix of Monaco will kick off the festivities. This race has wound through the streets of that Municipality on and off since 1929 and is a wonderful way to absorb Formula One Racing...a type relatively unknown to Americans. Personalities abound in this form of racin'. Graham Hill was dominant in the 60's, wining five times between 1963 and 1969. The 70's featured 7 different winners with Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda and Jodi Schecter each winning the race two times. The 80's were dominated by Alain Prost with four wins while the legendary Ayrton Senna picked up six wins between 1987 and 1993. Senna never made it to the 1994 race, having died in a race two weeks before at Imola. This brought in the era of Germany's Michael Schumacher who won five races between 1994 and 2001. Schumacher was famous for leaving the hapless Damon Hill in his dust and there was no love lost between the two when the podium ceremony was conducted. Since Schumacher's dominance, the race has been won by several popular Formula One Drivers including Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Hamilton won last years race and was also featured on CBS's 60 Minutes .

The Raptor discussed some history at Indy in Raptor Papers - Part 7 but a little refresher is in order. According to Wikipedia - "The winner of the Indianapolis 500 receives many prizes, some which are based on past tradition. One of the most iconic traditions is for the winner of the Indianapolis 500 to drink a bottle of milk, a tradition started by Louis Meyer who won the race in 1936.. The winner is also presented with a wreath in victory lane, and has the opportunity to kiss the yard of brick (the start/finish line), an Indianapolis Motor Speedway tradition started by NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett in 1996 at the Brickyard 400 and adopted by 500 winners since 2003. The winner of the race also receives the pace car used during that race, and will have on the Borg-Warner Trophy a bas-relief sculpture of their face added to the base. The Borg-Warner Trophy has been used since 1936 and along with the sculpture on the original trophy, the winning driver and car owner receive a small replica. The Indianapolis 500 winner also receives a large purse, most recently at $2.49 million, given to Ryan Hunter-Reay in 2014." The Indy Race is an American Tradition and has been running since 1911.

The Raptor's favorite era is also known as The USAC (United States Auto Club) era running from 1956 to 1995. During this period, three drivers won the race four times. A. J. Foyt, Al Unser, Sr. and Rick Mears. The Raptor was a fan of each and was especially intrigued by Mears who almost won the race in 1982 but ended up losing to Gordon Johncock by a whisker at the finish line. Again using Wikipedia..."Johncock took a second Indianapolis 500 victory in 1982, winning by 0.16 second over Mears. This remains the fourth-closest Indy 500 finish in history. (Al Unser Jr.'s 0.043-second victory over Scott Goodyear in 1992 was the closest, followed by Ryan Hunter-Reay's 0.0600-second[1] victory ahead of Helio Castroneves in 2014, and Sam Hornish Jr's 0.0635-second victory ahead of Marco Andretti in 2006.) Mears was rapidly closing on Johncock in the final laps. In Mears' final pit stop, Mears' team made a miscalculation and filled his car with more fuel than it needed to finish the race. As a consequence Mears had to catch up a significant distance on Johncock, and on the 197th and 198th laps came from 3 seconds back to within car lengths. Johncock's tires were deteriorating by the lap, and with each turn the car understeered more severely. On the final lap, just after the white flag waved, Mears tried to pass Johncock for the win, with Johncock making a decisive defense of first place in Turn One, and Johncock began pulling away. In turn 4, Mears reeled him in and made a pass, but lost by 16-hundredths of a second (25 feet), which was at that time, the closest finish in Indy 500 history (now the 4th closest)."

As a side note, The Raptor always enjoyed the start of the race when Jim Nabors would sing "Back Home Again In Indiana" and Mary Hullman George would give the shout to start the engines. It's possible both may be dead now.

The Coca-Cola 600, held at The Charlotte Motor Speedway, is the final race of the day and runs from about 6:30 in the evening until well past midnight. Darrell Waltrip, who has found a home in the announcing booth shouting "Boogity!, Boogity!, Boogity!...let's go racin' boys!" at the start of each race, has won five times, while Jimmie Johnson is next in line with four victories. The Raptor has rarely been able to see the end of this race but I generally leave the race on while sleeping in order to catch all the action subconsciously.

The Raptor hopes you were able to read the whole paper without dozing off. I know that racin' is not a popular spectator sport but it has a lot more entertainment value than watching overpaid cry babies plying their trade in the NFL and NBA...and this write up was more rewarding than putting together a puff piece on how President Trump is making America Great Again...well maybe next time. In the mean time have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend and don't forget the true meaning of the holiday...


The Raptor Papers Part 8 - 03/11/2017



Not So Fast President Trump... When President Trump came forth in the form of Supra Press Secretary Sean Spicer yesterday, it was to crow about the February Jobs Report just released by the DOL. Remember not to long ago, when then Candidate Trump disparaged these reports as being fake or false but that now that he has to read them they are real and they are spectacular (with a homage to Seinfeld)

Check out this table...what it shows is that yes, jobs had a 35,000 person increase, manufacturing jobs had a 40,000 person increase and goods producing jobs had a 102,000 increase but Healthcare related jobs went down 19,500, Retail jobs were down 74,400 and Private Service jobs (read that Accountants and Lawyers and Supermodels) went down 96,000.

The net effect of this is that comparing February 2017 to February 2016 resulted in 2,000 LESS new jobs being created this year versus last year. Jobs are jobs and it is nice to see some hard hats getting work, but the continued lies and misinformation that emanate from Press Secretary Spicer are starting to get old

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The Raptor Papers Part 7 - 02/26/2017



Daytona Day - For my FBF's who abhor auto racing, you don't have to read along but, let me continue for the others. The Raptor has been a racing fan since the early 60's when ABC Wide World Of Sports was the only play of the day. Back in those good ole' days, WWS would show races on either the following week or by a "tape delay".

The Daytona 500 began live TV "flag to flag" coverage in 1979 while live TV coverage of The Indianapolis 500 didn't start till 1986. The lag in live coverage for the Indy was thought to have been mandated by The Hulman family to keep the fans from staying home to watch the race. Keep in mind that the grandstands at Indy have a permanent seating capacity around 235,000, with infield seating racing capacity raising the total to about 400,000. The Raptor can attest to the sheer size of The Indianapolis Motor Speedway having seen The Brickyard 400 there in 2006 when "only" about 200,0000 came to the race. In those early days, Indy racing was dominated by drivers like A. J. Foyt, and Mario Andretti, while The Daytona was the home of Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough and Ned Jarett.

Racing fans like to soak up all of the event. Pre-race tactics, pit strategies, fuel conservation, tire preservation and avoiding the "big wreck" all become part of the action. The post-race celebration also includes a ceremonial drink of soda pop or Gatorade which can mean big bucks for the bottling company. The Raptor is surprised by folks who sour on racing since most Americans seem to drive like they are seeking the checkered flag every day. Previously,

The Raptor posted a "Rules of The Road" thread which dealt primarily with the violation of the safe following distance standards. A byproduct of this violation is the "drafting ploy". In this case, dangerous American drivers attain high rates of speed in normally posted roads and ride right up to the bumper of the leading car and then move slightly to the center of the lane so that the slower lead driver can see the drafter in the side mirror. While executing this maneuver, the drafting driver can make faces of anger or perhaps issue a hand jester to terrorize the slower lead driver. As a last resort the drafting driver may flash the headlights or sound the horn in the ultimate dick move. The Raptor continues to urge caution to my FBF's and try to maintain safe driving standards.

NASCAR is the promoter of The Daytona. It is a big business. and The Raptor recalls several past races used by Republican's such as Clarence Thomas (1999) and President George W. Bush (2004) to earn political points from the base. The greatest race day start has to be 2003, when pop star Mariah Carey, dressed in an extremely snug zippered fire suit (there was little left to the imagination), sang the National Anthem and also called for the drivers to start was. awesome! Surprisingly, The Raptor is not sure who won the race., but still remembers Mariah.

This years race will no doubt be exciting but The Raptor is saddened by the absence of Jeff Gordon (car # 24) along with Tony "Smoke" Stewart (car #20) who have retired. Younger drives such as Chase Elliot and Joey Logano seem to be dominating the headlines and there is a story brewing that fan fav Dale Earnhardt Jr. may be running in HIS last race. The Raptor will be pulling for Jimmie Johnson and Casey Kahne of Hendrick Motorsports and wouldn't mind seeing a win by Dale Jr. The race starts at 2:00 and weather looks to be outstanding. Enjoy the Great American Race!


The Raptor Papers Part 6 - 02/16/2017



It has been awhile since a new thread and with so much happening on the medical side, The Raptor has been a tad busy. FBF's may wonder how The Raptor comes up with content and my best response is: "Tools Of The Trade" In this case, it is a comprehensive library of historical information which is at my disposal night and day in my "office" The Raptor relies on books, movies and cartoons to supplement my deep thoughts. So, let's dive into this question on every one's mind about President Trump, The Elections and Russia's position in both.

My tools of consideration include: "The Good Shepard" (Matt Damon portraying OSS Operative James Angelton), "13 Days" (Book and Movie starring Kevin Costner as Ken O'Donnell during The Cuban Missile the Bahston Brahmin Accent), "The Manchurian Candidate" (Movie starring Frank Sinatra as Major Ben Marco dealing with Russian Operatives brainwashing an assassin in order to grab control of The White House), "Fail-Safe" (Book and Movie starring Henry Fonda as The President - a truly scary and terrifying film), "Dr. Strangelove" (Movie about Nuclear Proliferation and Destruction staring Peter Sellers in multiple roles along with George C. Scott) "Alas Babylon" (Book by Pat Frank about post Atomic War America) "Good Night, and Good Luck" (Movie starring George Clooney regarding McCarthyism and The Communist Scare of The 50's), Historical Documentaries about The Rosenberg's and J Robert Oppenheimer and the selling of Atom Bomb secrets to The Russians and Doonesbury and Bloom County, both Editorial Cartoons which deal primarily with Presidential Politics.

The Raptor has watched and read the books, movies and cartoons over and over again. I know them like the back of my hand. If one thing is clear from all these sources it's that The Russians are bad. There is no goodness there. It is silly for President Trump and his Administration TO BE COURTING RUSSIANS! END OF STORY! The Raptor won't sugar coat this. If you are Registered Republican, you had to vote Republican the same as Registered Democrats who vote Democrat. It's not your fault that a dipchit is running around in The White House. Don't be fooled by these feel good stories by journalists like Nicole Wallace who have come to Erie to see why Obama Democrats voted for President Trump. The Raptor won't hold their vote against them. Those voters were fooled by a con and it is unravelling in real time every freakin day. Many Rust-Bell-State voters who were fooled by metaphysical mush developed by The Trump Campaign (in contact with Russians during the campaign!) thought that Candidate Hillary Clinton was some monster.

The Raptor will not celebrate when the end is near but continue to report. The Raptor has been tuning to Morning Joe the past few days, mostly because journalist David Ignatius has been sitting in on the discussion. This is a serious reporter FBF's and his daily Cheshire like cat grin is a dead give away. Ignatius has been around as long as the previously mentioned books and movies have been around. He knows the score and he probably has President Trump's resignation column already written. There, I said it...go ahead...make my day...



The Raptor Papers Part 5 - 02/06/2017



After getting a good nights sleep following a big rout by the Atlanta Falcons over the hapless New England Pats (The Raptor checked out when the score went to 28 to 3 - no team could come back from that deficit), I am up bright and early to digest some talking points I wrote down over the weekend.

First, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has introduced a bill (HR861) to eliminate the EPA.

Second, Former Governor Mile Huckabee sent out in a pretty sma...rt tweet " Breaking news from Hollywood, Senator Charles Schumer cast in lead role for remake of "Boys Don't Cry"

Third, there is evidence that President Trump signed an Executive Order that assigned a permanent seat on the National Security Council to White House Counsel, Steve Bannon. Unfortunately, President Trump had not read the EO before signing and was "furious" afterward that he was not briefed on the EO before signing.

This brought an interesting Tweet from Politico Reporter, Jeff Greenfield who compared The Trump Administration to the shenanigans of Governor William J Lepetomanes's "work, work, work" bit I have brought it to this piece for your enjoyment.

The Raptor has always enjoyed the point when Governor LePetomane says "hello boys, had a goods nights rest? I missed you" and "I didn't get a hurrumpf outta that guy!" This must be a pretty accurate portrayal on how things work in this current White House.

Regarding Governor Huckabee, it would appear that he will have to fall back on the new GOP mantra to thoroughly humiliate someone and themselves and then state they were just trying to get a laugh. Not funny Governor...Senator Schumer was probably grief stricken over some incident from his past. Perhaps something to do with the holocaust. Maybe Governor Huckabee should give it a rest.

Finally, this initiative to eliminate the EPA seems genuine...what could go wrong? I mean these guys in Washington are pretty smart? They've got your back America!


The Raptor Papers Part 4 - 02/05/2017



The Raptor always was hesitant to actually tell my FBF's what is on my mind. It is plainly evident that much of what comes out of these fingers leaves much to be desired, especially to my FBF's who belong to The Party of Lincoln (L2ms). Today I will discuss an issue which perhaps is on the minds of most Americans and it has to do with The Rules of The Road.

For starters, The Raptor has been driving for over 45 years now, obtaining a Learner's Permit way back in 1972.. During that long span I have been involved in a few fender benders but no major head on collisions or roll overs. Therefore, I consider myself to be a capable driver and attempt showboating only when absolutely necessary.

What is sticking in my craw like a bad tooth today is the fundamental concept of "safe following distance" This may be little known or perhaps never discussed during the driving test but it goes something like this. While divining, it shall be the goal of every driver to follow the vehicle in front of yours at a safe distance and my recollection is 1 car length for every 10 miles per hour. So, when in a 40 mile an hour zone the nearest car should be 4 car lengths away. But seriously, when does this ever happen?

More often than not, the driver following is right on my rear bumper! At 40 miles per hour! In nasty weather condition! In total darkness! With school age children walking along the roadside, wearing a dark hoodie! They are insane I tell you! would be not recommended to perform some counter aggressive act such as a slow down or perhaps a carefully directed hand signal. That could result in a ramming or some exchange of gunplay.

Here where I come from, Erie PA, it takes about 15 minutes to get anywhere in the freakin county but there is always some dork that has to jump right on your bumper...pull into the middle of the road to terrorize you and give you a horn or some flashing lights, in the biggest SUV or Pickup Truck known to man.

It's my belief that drivers who do not adhere to the safe following rule are go dog go Republicans trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps on the road to success. Cautions drivers, like my self are generally Democrats. Trying to drive by the Rule of Law and catch a ray of sunshine, while listening to 60's on 6, as we head on down to the unemployment center to sign up for benefits before we go over to Social Security Office to pick up a disability check so we can purchase Colt 45 Malt Liquor and some smoke. Please fellow road warriors, slow down!


The Raptor Papers Part 3 - 02/03/2017



Gun play in America and the continued ability to keep Second Amendment Liberties safe is on the mind of many in the Electorate. Day in and day out we get a snap shot of how pervasive our penchant for weaponry has become. While The Raptor does not own any guns, target practice was accomplished way back in the Penn State days when a gut course was sought for the Phys Ed Requirement. As luck would have it, a course in rifle was available and i...t was great fun pumping hot lead into those 30's era J Edgar Hoover perp targets. As a part of the course, the students (many of whom were ROTC) got to spend a day using the pistol for target practice too. Unfortunately, no silencers were used which add to the hotness of any handgun.

We all know that there is a jobs problem here in America. Those good paying manufacturing jobs just don't exist any more as durable goods that used to fail after a couple of years now last forever. This has left the workforce in a quandary as they struggle to find good paying jobs at Tim Horton's to make ends meet. The Raptor has a idea here. I propose that America take the reins of development on weaponry to the next level with the design and production of Star Trek style Phasers and Star Wars style Blasters.

This could eliminate the jobs problem in a heartbeat and the workers could get free products to sample as a condition of employment. While the Blasters are much cooler that Phasers, they are bulky and would be difficult to hide when you apply for concealed carry. But, work with me here....America will never be able to end gun play so we might as well roll with it. Plus by converting to a blaster, the need for bullets is eliminated. The owner could stop at Valu Home Center for a power pack or Starbucks franchises could be retooled so that the baristas would use some fancy interface to upload a new clip of "juice"

Unfortunately, I do not see Light Sabre's as a viable option because I believe only Jedi Masters can activate them. This is sad since they are much more elegant than a blaster (according to Obi-Wan Kenobi)


The Raptor Papers Part 2 - 02/03/2017



The Trump Administration is redefining the term "the gift that keeps on giving" Since yesterday here are the main talking points culled from MSM and Twitter.

First, at a meeting of some attendees at a Black History Month event, President Trump made some glowing comments about the Great Work that Frederick Douglas is doing. Yes, The Raptor is taking whatever President Trump said totally out of context. Buutt, the Raptor is "pretty sure" that President Trump thought Douglas was alive and well.

Moving on. President Trump attended a National Prayer Breakfast yesterday and piled on to what a terrible job Arnold Schwarzenegger (I looked up the spelling) is doing as host of The Apprentice. President Trump continued with the thread and asked the attendees to pray for Arnold so he could improve. The fact that President Trump smiled and laughed at this point is indicative of what is actually going through is mind (probably a fond memory from his time at the show).

The Trump Administration is also exercising some damage control over the outcome of media hysteria due to the supposed abrupt end to the phone call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. Rather than report on this issue, all The Raptor can say is Australians are nice people (think Mick Dundee) and when PM Turnbull pulled the rug out on President Trump on the refugee deal, President Trump's normally enlarged gherkin more than likely turtled.

Later in the day President Trump's spokesperson, Kelly Conway came on to Hardball and floated a clearly invented terrorist attack in Kentucky called The Bowling Green Massacre as solid reasoning to implement a Muslim Ban (that's right I called it a Muslim Ban bad) It isn't necessary to add additional humorous comment here cause it ain't funny.

The Raptor has good intel that the Webster's Dictionary has now put Ms. Conway's picture into their reference section next to "dumas" Sure, there was an important Foreign Policy Victory when Ambassador Nicky Haley took to the United Nation GA yesterday and denounced the Russian transgression in Ukraine. But, this victory was usurped by a piece on Twitter that revealed a GOP led Congressional attempt to vote to allow mentally ill individuals to obtain weapons. Now what could possibly go wrong with this initiative? Let the shootin' begin


The Raptor Papers Part 1 - 02/02/2017



Over the past few days there have been several threads created here on FB by my Face Book Friends (FBF) that advocate the Muslim Ban as a way to "lock the door" in the same fashion that any normal terrified American locks their own door to keep out the "bad dudes" (L2ms).

I am here to remind you that in addition to the horrendous and savage acts of murder perpetrated in places like San Bernardino and the Florida Night Club there are also hallowed grounds in places like Columbine, The Colorado Theater, Sandy Hook and a South Carolina Church. Go ahead, FBF's, head to your safe room where you stockpile your arsenals and your bullets. Pull out you piece. caress it. kiss it, and do whatever else you do with your weapons. but always remember that no matter how hard the Trump Administration tries to work diligently to suspend immigration on "Bad Dudes" there may be a "Worse Dude" living right next door to you. Perhaps planning to shoot up a Restaurant where you eat or a Gym where you cheer on your kid. As circumstances would have it, I will be heading back to the hospital for some new medical care so "my days at Faber may be numbered" so I will initiate some continued daily posts to some day be called "The Raptor Papers" See you soon!







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