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Originally Posted 03/26/2010 

The Raptor was recently taken to task about this site regarding the difficulties some visitors have navigating around the various content.  So maybe it's time to incorporate some "Rules Of Navigation" so that new visitors can gain some instant understanding while old hands can have one more thread to complain about.

So, here is how it has developed over time...When you open the link for you are at the "Home Page" as evidenced by the Title which is in Red.  Each page in the site has a similar feel and The Raptor tries to give the browser some information about when the page was created and whether its been Modified or Updated.

So, someone who visits frequently has two tasks...the first being to determine if the Home Page is fresh by looking at the "Updated" date which is in the right hand corner of the page and the second is to see if any of the "Chapters" - which are listed in the left column are updated.

Any content which is posted to the Home Page is moved to the "Daily Thought Page" when a new Home Page is posted.  The "Daily Thought Page" contains all Home Pages which have ever been posted and it stretches back to 2007.  It's obvious and apparent that there is not a Daily Thought for every day since The Raptor has limited time to keep up...but, if I could put something here every day, I would.

The "Chapters" section contains specialized pages which run the gamut from politics to sports to religion and beyond.  The visitor should imagine these pages to be like buried treasure.  Since once you go to the page you may find riches but there is always the chance you will dig up some buried crap.

Once you get to another page there is only one way to "get back" - You have to use the back browser in the upper left hand corner...there are no easy buttons located in the individual web pages of this site.  Sorry, if you need easy navigation go to The Huffington Post or The Daily KOS





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