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Politics Update -03/31/2016 - Optics Matter


Everyone connected to the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle is learning all about the respective Candidates from the two Major Parties and also getting a first class lesson on Optics. In fact, Optics borrow a recently heavily used term.

The current wave of interesting developments began in earnest when President Obama announced the nomination of Federal Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy on The Supreme Court created by the passing of longtime jurist, Antonin Scalia. Approximately 10 seconds after The President made the announcement, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, took to the Senate Floor to inform the electorate that The Senate would not meet with Judge Garland, nor would the Senate vote on his nomination. Senator McConnell kept referring to The Biden Rule...which has since been discounted as a good reason not to hold a hearing. Naturally, spokes people of both parties took to the microphones to analyze this development. Optics were in fine form during this Rose Garden Presentation. President Obama looked on with approval. Vice President Joe Biden was beaming from ear to ear. Senator McConnell looked like a man who had just seen his puppy ran over by a car.


Shortly after the initial salvos had been launched by The Parties over Judge Garland's nomination, President Obama started his epic trip to Cuba and Argentina to initiate some much needed diplomacy with those nations. Almost at the exact moment that The President's plane touched down in Havana, a terrorist attack occurred in Brussels, Belgium - it was time for another lesson in Optics.

No doubt after some hasty consideration, The Obama delegation made the decision to continue with the Cuban and Argentine Excursions. The Cuba visit included some sight seeing, a baseball game with Cuba Leader Raoul Castro, a Church Service and a joint presser with President Castro. Naturally President Obama created a stir with the US Based GOP Operatives who were not invited on the trip. The first to come out with a disapproving comment or two was GOP Strategist/Presidential Handler Nicole Wallace on MSNBC's "Morning Joe". This was soon after Joe Scarborough's continuing exploration of President Obama's inability to show a pulse in these instances. Apparently Scarborough would prefer The President to be more animated perhaps like a Donald Trump.

Ms. Wallace was almost catatonic on the "communications disaster" unfolding. While she showed true rage then she was later able to perk up her attitude. Here she is pictured on the Morning Joe set during some humourous banter with cohost Willie Geist...


Ms. Wallace ought to know a little about Presidential Optics, as she was involved with several of President George W. Bush's Optics Failures. Consider the "Mission Accomplished" Banner that was unfurled on a aircraft carrier when President Bush announced the end of hostilities in the Iraq War of 2003. Then, two years later President Bush was given an Act of God formally known as the Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe. Who can forget images of President Bush performing his flyby of New Orleans with that dumb look of amusement he is famous for. Perhaps you can relive his "Brownie, your doin' a heckofa job" meeting with FEMA God Michael Brown on You Tube. Then later in the day President Bush was seen in the back a large military vehicle as he hung on for dear life while the massive truck zoomed through the empty flooded streets of The Big Easy. Maybe Ms. Wallace figured this to be a great way to show the American People that The President was engaged. Along the way, President Bush became the spokesperson for Terri Schiavo as this poor soul lay helpless in a hospital bed in a persistent vegetative state.

Later on in the week, Morning Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski interviewed Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who was seething mad over The President's decision to go to the ball game and then make the trip to Argentina. Even though Senator Cotton is a relative newbie to The Senate, he is an influential member of The Armed Services Committee. A lot of confusion existed at that moment as to how long President Obama remained at the game. My research indicates that The President stayed for three innings but it was long enough of a time to grant a cringe worthy interview with some ESPN announcers.



Senator Cotton thought The President had been there for the whole game and he was wailing and gnashing his teeth over the whole thing. This was exacerbated by The President's taking part in a Salsa Dance the next day during a candle lit dinner party hosted by Argentina's President Mauricio Macri. Senator Cotton felt the President needed to be cancelling the whole trip to be in Washington, handling the War on Terror and consoling the families who lost loved ones in the attack. More Optics in play


These Presidential Optics are indeed cringe worthy and any Democrat is going to think The President is not well, but The Raptor has a different take. President Obama has nothing to lose here. Optics Disasters happen with every administration. Conservative Republican icon Ronald Reagan had several doozies. They would include The Beirut Dead Marines Disaster, The Challenger Disaster, The Iran Contra Fiasco and The Perestroika Meeting with Gorbechov in Iceland. Anyone who doesn't think that The Reagan Administration didn't force NASA to launch Challenger that fateful day is goofy. Reagan needed the Optics to tout the Teacher In Space - Christa McCauliffe at The State Of The Union Address. And if your a student of history, check out Time Magazine after The Iceland Summit with Gorby. President Reagan left Reykjavik with The Look Of The Wounded Animal.

President George H W Bush was embarrassed at a supermarket check out line when he was startled by the automated bar code gun. Then he had the whole "Read My Lips" address. President Bill Clinton failed to understand that it is wrong to cigar bang a BFP in The White House. The Raptor wouldn't be surprised if President Obama's handlers designed this recent trip to Cuba etc to piss off the right wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck so that GOP Elected Officials have something to talk about since they do not subscribe to actually working at governing.

President Obama has been no stranger to Optics Failures...Keep Your Doctor, Poor Debate Performance Against Romney In 2012 and The Failure to Go To the Paris Terror Attack Funeral come to mind immediately but there are no doubt others.

At the end of the day, it is all old news as Donald Trump has once again overtaken the daily news cycle with his continued mishandling of his Presidential Election Campaign. When The Raptor returns next week he shall delve into this complicated subject.





Politics Update -03/23/2016

As The Raptor writes this. the world is wondering how things have gotten so out of hand. For starters, as is usually the case, Donald Trump is continuing in his relentless pursuit of the Nomination as Candidate For President, representing the Republican Party. There have been numerous discussions on Social Media over the past few days on Candidate Trump's need to "pivot" his message from one of bigotry and hate to one of consolidation and reconciliation. Unfortunately, Candidate Trump can fly off the handle at times and instruct his followers to punch bad dudes in the head...


Candidate Trump's news conferences and campaign rallies continually become contentious events pitting the conservative blue collar Trump supporters versus the liberal college age supporters of the Opposition. Candidate Trump was recently inconvenienced at an Arizona campaign stop when protestors set up a roadblock on a highway to restrict his supporters from attending the event. Later on, when Mr Trump arrived in Washington DC to meet with some members of the GOP establishment, protestors gathered outside the site of the meeting to create a scene


Candidate Trump recently met with the Editorial Board of The Washington Post and continued with his obsession on the size of his hands and other parts of his anatomy. According to a report filed by Ruth Marcus, Mr. Trump is not a counter puncher when it comes to confrontation, he is a compulsive counter puncher. In addition, Ms. Marcus stated that Candidate Trump is the master of deflection. In summary Ms. Marcus stated that

"the hands discussion was illuminating, because presidential character is as important as presidential intellect and preparation. Being presidential doesn’t only mean winning. It also means being in control of your responses, being measured in how you deal with opponents, foreign and domestic.

Trump’s personality — you don’t have to deduce this; he has told us — is such that he cannot allow an insult to go unrebutted. In a potential president, this trait is as scary as any of Trump’s substantive flaws."

Speaking of "sizing" here, submitted for your approval is a poster from yester year on the sizes of certain GOP operatives "members"...



Subsequent to the yesterday's terrorist attacks in Belgium, Trump reiterated his position advocating a ban on Muslims entering the country and encouraging the Belgian Authorities to utilize "enhanced interrogation techniques" which Candidate Trump even characterized as "torture" to extract useful Intel from captured suspects. Welcome back Mr. Cheney.

Candidate Trump complains that he is getting unfair treatment from protest groups who are disrupting his campaign rallies. This seems to be a fair trade off since he is receiving complementary coverage from media outlets with no strings attached.

Candidate Trump is able to call in to expand his agenda with no associated costs. According to a New York Times article Candidate Trump's Free Media Calculation through February 2016 is at $1,898,000,000.00 - that is almost 2 Billion Dollars!

The next closest candidate in this matrix is Hillary Clinton with $746,000,000.00 or almost 800 Million Dollars. It is interesting to note that the failed candidates such as Bush, Rubio, Christie, and Carson have spent $232,000,000.00 or 232 Million Dollars through February 2016 - this is a staggering amount of money!

Donald Trump has become a formidable candidate. His candidacy reminds The Raptor of a YUGE Wreck. Passer's By rubber neck to see what has happened and may even stop to watch the cleanup. Every day Candidate Trump does or says something that extends the dynamic of his message. He is a true marketing genius, but there is an important by product in play here.

What if this is all some sick joke? What if the message being promoted results in the Candidate Trump becoming The President Trump. It's not like Mr. Trump can claim a bankruptcy and move on. He will have to put up with the hectic affairs of a worried world and his simplistic solutions may not work for other concerned nations. This is as scary as it gets Ladies and Gentlemen...we can only hope for a reasonable outcome.



Politics Update -03/17/2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day to my friends in Politics. Developments have been occurring on a fast and furious pace over the past few days and The Raptor has been looking at several threads to discuss.

For starters, Donald Trump has strengthened his hold on the Republican Presidential Nomination For The November General Election. With solid wins in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois, Candidate Trump was able to extricate Marco Rubio from the race and provide another himself with a bundle of potential disgruntled electorate who can bring him to The White House.

While there are still nagging questions about how Candidate Trump is handling his campaign, he continually seems to be able to dodge inquiries on his prior statements and whom may be joining his campaign team as advisors.


Mr. Trump is pictured here and it appears that he has very small, sausage like fingers. These fingers are not unlike the Vienna sausages which are popular amongst the elite.

Candidate Trump is continuing to add the endorsements of key Republican's to his stable. The endorsement parade started with Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and Senator John McCain's VP Running Mate in 2008. Ms. Palin has not gone away quietly since that election, instead popping up on Fox News periodically to self aggrandize herself in a fashion similar to Candidate Trump. Ms Palin has a very down home, relaxed campaign style and likes to get down and dirty in true attack dog style. Her shrill, squeaky voice is just what the Doctor ordered For the New World Order Of Foreign Policy Initiatives which she is bound to become famous for


In addition to Ms Palin's endorsement, Candidate Trump has also added New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the roster. Governor Christie ran a spirited campaign but dropped from the race after poor showings in the Super Tuesday Elections. However, as a favor to Candidate Trump, Governor Christie was able to successfully derail the candidacy of Florida Senator Marco Rubio during the New Hampshire debates somehow getting Senator Rubio to ramble on about President Obama. Governor Christie is seen here at the presser announcing his endorsement of Candidate Trump. His look of stunned horror (also known as The Look Of The Wounded Animal) is indicative of a man who would rather be some where else...


Candidate Trump has also garnered the endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson, who has ran out of election gas due to poor showings in these recent Primary Elections. Dr. Carson is a respected retired neurosurgeon who even has a Lifetime Network biopic with Cuba Gooding Jr., as his stand in. While it is too early to tell, it's possible that Dr. Carson could be a effective campaigner come the fall with his punchy presentation of the issues.

Even though Candidate Trump has not been able to unite The Republican Party yet, he has certainly began to hand out the olive branches. He recently made some nice comments about Speaker Of The House, Paul Ryan. This may have been as a result of that certain memo which probably filtered to Candidate Trumps's Mara-A-Lago HQ subsequent to the campaign rally in North Carolina. A Trump Supporter elbowed a protestor in the face and then threatened to kill the man if he were to return at a later date.

Based on every Talking Head presently working The Cable News Networks, Candidate Trump will have to get all the pillars of The Republican Party on board to win the General Election. As recently as 7:00 this AM, Trump stated that he has been searching his own wonderful brain for critical determinations on how to run his Campaign. He plans to reveal whom may be advising him in the future but as of today, there is no indication whom that may be.

Usually, when these campaigns begin to consolidate the base, certain individuals are tabbed for key positions in the campaign. So, logically the top three candidates as of this writing would be Palin, Christie and Carson. It would appear that Ohio Governor, John Kasich has removed himself from consideration as one of Candidate Trump's sycophants stating publicly that if he is not the Republican Candidate For President in November he will be taking his bat and ball back to Ohio to continue serving as Governor.


In addition, both Senator's Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio may not be too warm and fuzzy about hitching their side car onto Candidate Trumps's wagon due to Trump's repeated offensive references to Lying Ted and Little Marco. Early on in the game, Candidate Carly Fiorina, who also was insulted by Trump, has been supporting Senator Cruz.



Candidate Trump will need to chip away at the key states in the Northern Corridor to grab The General Election. The Republicans traditionally hold Red States like Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, The Dakotas, Missouri and Arkansas. The Democrats traditionally hold Blue States like California, New York, Massachusetts and Maryland.

This leaves the Purple States such as Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Nevada to act as the swing states that will decide the Electoral College and the Election. Florida is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery. inside an enigma and will always be so. Who amongst us can forget how pivotal it was in the 2000 General Election. Then in 2008, Florida went Blue for The Obama/Biden Ticket. In 2012, Florida tilted towards the Obama Ticket but by only 74,309 votes out of 8,401,000 votes cast - talk about a close shave.

Candidate Trump will need to put Ohio and Florida in his column come election day to capture The White House for The Republican Party. Interestingly enough, with Governor Kasich showing strong support in Ohio in this weeks Primary Election, he may be the logical choice to sign on as the Vice-Presidential Candidate. As an alternative, Trump could use some suasion on Senator Rubio to join the ticket in hopes of gathering up Florida in the General Election,



But, where does this leave Palin, Christie and Carson? To be blunt, all three of them are a liability. Too caustic. To argumentative. Proven losers. Sure, Governor Christie could come on as an Attorney General but that seems like a job for Senator Cruz. After all, he has argues before The Supreme Count on several occasions.

Nest The Raptor will be delving into the Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders contest. However, in order to do so a few pictures will nave to be acquired





Politics Update -03/14/2016

The Raptor has been watching TV a lot lately as a result of some surgery to my left foot and ankle. A congenital deformity developed about 15 years ago and it had been getting increasingly worse over time and starting about 2 years ago it had become very difficult to even walk.

While there are many shows to choose from, the primary entertainment these days is the 2016 Presidential Election. Most of the coverage is dull. There is however, a growing story having to do with GOP Frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Candidate Trump has been on the campaign trail since last summer and has proved very resilient to the calls of protest from mainstream establishment politicos who look at his candidacy as an unmitigated disaster. Each time a GOP event is conducted, whether it be a debate, a primary or a simple campaign stop, pundits and major players alike strike the Woeisme pose (hand to cover mouth in mock horror) regarding Mr. Trump's Campaign.

It was business as usual until about two weeks ago when a new dynamic caused the GOP World a ton of headache. It seems that former Grand Wizard of The Ku Klux Klan, David Duke had come out in favor of the Trump Candidacy. The timing coincided with an election date known as Super Tuesday. The statements by Mr. Duke surfaced during the week of February 26th in Twitter and it is possible that Candidate Trump MAY have made a statement at a presser disavowing any connection to David Duke's endorsement on Friday February 26th.

However, with that being said, Candidate Trump showed up on Sunday February 28th on the Morning Network News Shows such as Meet The Press, Face the Nation and CNN News with Jake Tapper. It was Mr. Tapper who pressed Mr. Trump the hardest to explain how he had not been able to disavow Mr. Duke's endorsement very succinctly. Trump looked a little defensive as he slumped into his trademark "I'd Like To Kill You" posture and unequivocally denied that he even knew who David Duke was. This appears now to have been a ploy designed to keep any negative press off the radar in order to have a successful outcome to the Super Tuesday elections.

Damage control ensued later that day and before the evening turned to night, Trump seemed to have been able to blame his lack of familiarity with Mr, Duke and his background as a white supremacist on a bad ear piece which restricted him from understanding Mr. Tapper's line of questioning. As usual, the story faded away and Trump was able to coast to victory in several key Super Tuesday contests.

Now, fast forward to this past weekend. Over the prior few weeks the discourse between GOP Candidates has been caustic. Each candidate began quibbling over issues such as hand and penis size. Eventually, Candidate Trump was forced to start a debate on National TV with a diatribe on the other candidates and an assurance that his penis was YUGE!

Mr. Trump still managed to easily win key Primary Elections in Georgia and Michigan (even though he has a small penis). There is another slate of key states conducting primaries on Tuesday, March 15th including Ohio, Illinois and Florida. Trump had planned to host a rally in Chicago on Friday, March 11th and pretty much everyone knows by now that the rally was canceled due some scuffles between rival attendees.

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has stated that Candidate Trump purposely set up the Chicago Event to fail in order to gather better publicity on National Cable News Channels on Friday Evening as opposed to a message to a smaller group of rally attendees in Chicago. In other words, Trump may not have planned to conduct the rally from the get go.

Donald Trump has a unique sense of timing which has been perfected over many years of public exposure. During the 2012 Presidential Election he made hay claiming that President Obama did not possess a proper birth certificate. He continually threatens to sue individuals who disagree with his positions. In several of his rallies conducted before last Friday, he called for supporters to "punch opposition attendees in the face" or have them carried out on stretchers. At a rally in North Carolina, a supporter elbowed a opposition attendee in the face but Trump claimed this was acceptable since the individual had raised a middle finger to the crowd. Since the North Carolina incident Candidate Trump now encourages the police who are escorting opposition attendees out of the hall to "not hurt anyone"

There is no joy in The Trump Candidacy. Mr. Trump has a perpetual scowl as he promotes his agenda of hate. He proposes a ban on allowing Muslims into the Country. He would like to construct a wall between the USA and Mexico. He refers to Latinos as rapists. He instructs young protestors to "go home to mommy" or to "get a job" It is unclear how he could win this election but consider this...

Donald Trump is not unlike the persona created to promote the legendary World War II General George S. Patton. According to Wikipedia...

"Patton had been established as a highly effective and successful leader, noted for his ability to inspire his men with charismatic speeches, which he delivered from memory because of a lifelong trouble with reading. Patton deliberately cultivated a flashy, distinctive image in the belief that this would inspire his troops. He carried a trademark ivory-handled, Smith & Wesson Model 27 .357 Magnum.[4][5] He was usually seen wearing a highly polished helmet, riding pants, and high cavalry boots His jeep bore oversized rank placards on the front and back, as well as a klaxon horn which would loudly announce his approach from afar"

Due to the number of individuals who have been affected by the painful processes that have occurred since the Great Recession of 2008, there is a ready group of the electorate who resonate with Trump's message. If you recall Patton said "Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time"

The electorate has nothing to lose by supporting Mr. Trump. As usual, The Republican Party has fielded lame candidates such as Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Bobby Gindal, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. The candidates remaining in this race such as Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio offer no alternative - they are indeed losers. Mitt Romney who lost the 2012 General Election to President Obama has resurfaced and he is a loser. Paul Ryan is talked about as a Convention Candidate - he is a loser.



Trump is a winner by his own account and it is a certainty that he will be at the pulpit come the fall in an all out effort to regain The White House. More than likely the opponent will be Hillary Clinton - herself a loser.

The Raptor is only hopeful that once the dust clears and a candidate is elected that Presidentiality becomes the order of the day and America can breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of blood will be spilled in the meantime.








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