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Welcome To The Mike Kelly/John Boehner Jobs Created Page!...Stop By Periodically To Check And See How Many Jobs Speaker Boehner and Representative Kelly Have Created as They "Work For You"...

John Boehner...Speaker Of The House...His Tan Is Magnificent!...He Is Deeply Emotional...And He Couldn't Create A Job If His Life Depended On It...


Mike Kelly...Newly Elected Representative In Congress...Get Ready...Get Set...Go...Straight Back To Your Auto Dealership, Mike...Just Wait Until You Meet Speaker Boehner...He Will Tell You To Sit Down And Shut Up!


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! - Originally Posted 12/21/11 

Congressman Mike Kelly, (R) Pennsylvania, was in the news recently.  It appears that a Congressional redistricting plan is being implemented that will benefit Congressman Kelly's reelection plans handily.. The redistricting plans have also been called "gerrymandering" which is a term that is thrown around like a rag doll but most Americans have no idea what it means...according to Wikipedia...

"In the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating geographic boundaries to create partisan, incumbent-protected districts. The resulting district is known as a gerrymander; however, that word can also refer to the process. Gerrymandering may be used to achieve desired electoral results for a particular party, or may be used to help or hinder a particular demographic, such as a political, racial, linguistic, religious or class group"


Congressman Mike Kelly Has A Lot To Smile About...He Has Been Just Been ALMOST Guaranteed Another Term In Congress...Christmas Comes Early For The Kelly Family! what!...this man is not invincible folks!...the current Congress is the worst ever! The American people know it!  With an approval rating approaching single digit numbers, there has to be a break in the grid lock.  Congressman Kelly campaigned on being a job creator, yet he found time to gather with his comrades in Congress during this past summer's "debt ceiling debate" to create havoc with the stock market and provide no additional fuel to a economy teetering on the verge of a comeback.

The sad irony here is that the 3rd Congressional District is the home to a wide variety of residents...while there is sure to be confirmed Democratic and Republican voters, there are also Independents and those who never, ever vote under any circumstances!  But all these residents have one thing in common and that is their personal financial condition. 

So, for Congressman Kelly to fall into to lock step with House Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor while adhering to the mantra espoused by Senate Minority Leader, McConnell, who would like to insure that President Obama never gets a chance at a second term, this path is causing real headaches for regular, hard working Americans who are relying on 401K's to provide a moderate retirement income!  These are the people...regular Americans who could very well turn out next November to cast their most important vote in American History! a vote against Mike Kelly...


Let The Campaign Begin - Part Three (French Word For Three Not Known) - Originally Posted 08/16/11 

Mike Kelly has responded to The Raptor regarding my email messages to him...

“Dear John,

Thank you for contacting me regarding our country’s debt and the most recent passage of the Budget Control Act.  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to contact me on this important issue.

“America has turned an important corner.  After decades of government growth and out-of-control spending, the debate in Washington has changed from ‘how much can we spend?’ to focus on ‘how can we stop spending money we don’t have?’”

My colleagues and I in the House have passed legislation that answered the call to rein in spending and reform our broken political system.  We got rid of earmarks; passed a budget for fiscal year 2011 with the largest spending cuts in recent history; put forward common sense reforms to preserve our entitlement programs; and, most recently, passed the Cut, Cap and Balance Act, of which I was an original co-sponsor and would have reduced the federal deficit by more than $4 trillion, the amount leading credit rating agencies said was needed if America was going to avert a credit downgrade.

In the 2010 election, the American people told Washington that enough was enough.  The days of reckless, wasteful spending were numbered, and the time for fiscal discipline and government accountability was at hand.

I have done my best to honor the will of the American people and to right the ship for this and future generations.

Having said that, with only one-half of one-third of the federal government, the House can only do so much.  This is not an excuse; it’s reality.

The Budget Control Act cuts government spending more than it increases the debt limit; implements spending caps to restrain future spending; advances the cause of a Balanced Budget Amendment; prevents a job-killing national default; rejects tax hikes; and keeps entitlement reform on the table.  While imperfect, it’s a start.  We will and we must continue our steady campaign against our nation’s $14.3 trillion debt and the spending addiction that got us here in the first place.

I would like to thank you and all my constituents who raised their voices during this important debate; you have been heard.  We must continue to work together to hold Washington accountable and demand that the government live within its means, just as you and your family and neighbors have learned to do.

Again, thank you for contacting me regarding the Budget Control Act.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff if I can be of assistance in the future.


Mike Kelly - Member of Congress”

How can The Raptor count the ways that this ridiculous form letter is an insulting piece of "shit" should be aware by now that Congressman Kelly attempted to energize his Tea Party Associates by giving a gung-ho speech shortly before the debt ceiling debate reached a conclusion by asking them to "Kick the shit" out of the Democrats...

The Raptor sent three email messages to Congressman Kelly asking him to raise the debt ceiling, let the Bush era Tax Cuts expire and leave the Health Care Legislation stand.  So, this is what I got in return.  I wouldn't be surprised if every Republican/Tea Party legislator sent out the same stupid form letter, cause I got two of them - exactly the same...

How sad this world has become when a fool like Congressman Kelly can be "proud" of his accomplishments...If he wasn't such a potato, he would realize that all the grandstanding over spending had a direct effect on the share prices of the stocks and mutual funds which make up the retirement plans of many average Americans.  The Raptor enjoyed an instantaneous drop of about $5,000.00 on my meager portfolio.  But that is just collateral damage right Congressman?

Maybe it's time for elected officials to recognize that Federal Spending is a fact of life.  So you want to cut entitlements?...entitlements for little old ladies and disable veterans? Entitlements for young kids attempting to educate themselves into a better life?  How sad it must be to be a tone deaf sack who is only concerned with putting his big head up the ass of scoffoza's like Dick Cheney and Mitch McConnell. 

If there is a way to recall Congressman Mike Kelly - The Raptor is all for that.  The Easter Bunny is probably available to take his place...

Let The Campaign Begin - Part Deux- Originally Posted 08/03/11 

Mike Kelly and John Boehner sure must be smiling as if somehow they have "won" something as a result of the debt crisis debate which involved Congress this past couple of months.  It is probable that somehow they hope that by beating a retreat till labor Day maybe the hubbub will quiet.

That's going to be tough...someone is going to come forward...The Raptor knows could anyone be happy with what just happened...legislative initiatives are not sporting events...sports promotes winning and loosing.  Legislative initiatives are about the spirit of compromise.

It's common knowledge that many corporations are "sitting on cash" so as a method of compromise - maybe it is time to raise tax rates as a means of getting business to conduct business again...all The Raptor asks is 10 years of taxation...that's all...

Let The Campaign Begin - Originally Posted 08/01/11 

The Raptor has been patiently watching the news shows as of late...digesting all that is the present "debate" over the raising of the debt ceiling which has created so much controversy.  What's The Raptor's take?  Well...consider the Pennsylvania 3rd Congressional District's newly elected Representative, The Honorable Mike Kelly...

Pictured Here Is Congressman Mike Kelly - He Is Bold and He Is Brash And He Wants To "Kick The Shit" Out Of The Democrats


Congressman Kelly has been seen on the news shows on several occasions over the past week asking as an apparent spokesman for The Tea Party.  This third party is conveniently hiding behind a Republican Banner...yet the members seem to be practicing a platform which is radically different from that of the Republican Party which at present is led by Speaker Of The House, John Boehner...


Congressman John Boehner (R) Ohio In A Familiar Teary Eyed Pose...Attempting To Use Emotion To Sell His Agenda Of Lower Taxes For The Wealthiest Amongst Us...

Congressman Kelly campaigned in this district on a "jobs first" initiative but as of this date, his posturing has created zero jobs...anywhere.  Congressman Kelly needs to head back to Butler Pennsylvania where he can hang out at his Hyundi Dealership, selling Tojo to the American people.

So...what to do...what to do...well, it's time to start the campaign in earnest...Congressman Kelly (and John Boehner/Eric Cantor) need to go and some time needs to be spent letting The Bush Era Tax Cuts to expire.  The Raptor can take it...believe me...I do not for one minute think that an increase in the marginal rate from 35% to 39% is going to hurt anyone.  In addition, if my marginal rate were to increase I am willing to take that increase.

Someone needs to initiate this campaign...the sooner the better...

Day 266 - July 28th, 2011 - Originally Posted 7/28/2011 

Mike Kelly here again...The Raptor has been peppering my office with emails as of late expressing his displeasure with this whole debt ceiling is his message from July 27th...

"Hello Congressman Kelly, Please add my name to the list of your constituents who would like you to increase the debt ceiling, in addition I am encouraging you to vote to allow the Bush era tax cuts to expire and I do not want you to repeal the health care provisions. It is disingenuous for House Speaker Boehner to mention recent Budgetary issues such as Health Care Reform and the Obama Stimulus Plan without acknowledging the various plans he voted for including: Medicare Prescription Drug...2 Wars In Middle East...first stimulus plan and the introduction of Bush era tax cuts. I sent an email yesterday too - I elected to communicate in this fashion rather than call your office...thanks"

Here is The Raptor's message from July 28th, 2011

"This is my third message to you in as many days.  As one of your constituents I would respectfully request that you vote to increase the debt ceiling which is being debated at this time. In addition, I feel strongly that you should vote to allow the Bush era tax cuts to expire

It has come to my attention that certain members of Congress sat in on the showing of a feature film recently.  As I know you are a serious business man I have to believe that you avoided this obvious politically motivated charade.

Your constituents deserve better than to send you to Congress to fight over debt ceilings when you campaigned as a job creator.  Can you provide me with some statistical data on how many jobs you have created during your tenure...thanks in advance for your timely response"

Can you believe this?...all I wanted to do was get out of that miserable office at my auto dealership and enjoy some Washington DC amenities...Golf at Congressional...dining on the and greets at the Potomac and instead I have to listen to this crap?...BTW due to the debt ceiling debate and the intense heat in DC, I have not created a single job in weeks...maybe after Labor Day...

Day 133 - March 15th, 2011 - Originally Posted 3/15/2011 

Mike Kelly here...The Raptor has graciously allowed me to put in a byline today in celebration of the American Dream...the jobs report has just come out and unemployment is lower than it was when I got elected on a promise of creating jobs...and viola!...look what are being created all over the place, especially in the service industry.   So you see folks, I wasn't kidding...with Speaker Boehner's tears, my good looks and a page of talking points, the Republican Party has made America great again...yippee!

Day 29 - December 1st, 2010 - Originally Posted 12/1/2010 

Mike Kelly was in the news yesterday.  It seems that Congressman Kelly is so cheesed off about health care, that he has publically stated that he wont be enrolling in the Congressional Health Care Plan but will instead continue to subscribe to the plan sponsored by his auto dealership.  The news story does not go into great detail about other individuals connected to this astute businessman.  For starters, the article didn't elaborate on how staffers to Kelly's offices will be covered.  Nor did it discuss how Kelly's spouse and children will be covered...Consider this...

One of Congressman Kelly's staffers is Melanie Brewer.  She is the spouse of Randy Brewer.  Mr. Brewer as you may recall was at one time a radio talk show host who disdains everything Democratic Party.  So by marriage, Randy Brewer is eligible to enroll in the Congressional Health Care Plan...if Tea Party gasbag, Melanie Brewer, elects to get coverage.  Isn't that ironic is a situation where individuals who are "against" health care coverage will in all likelihood enroll in that coverage.

This is as they say...the gift that keeps on giving...BTW Congressman Kelly, The Raptor saw a sign at Tim Horton's the other day...they are gum...The Raptor can see a light at the end of the tunnel!...Too bad it's actually a hole!

Day 9 - November 11th, 2010 - Originally Posted 11/11/2010 

The Raptor tried calling Mike Kelly to see how the job creating was going, but Kelly has gone on a The Raptor surprised?...hardly...that's what elected officials (especially Republicans) do most frequently...However, Kelly has no doubt already met his first lobbyists (probably the NRA and The Petroleum Producers Guild) and his reelection coffer has no doubt be influxed by some much needed cash...number of jobs

Day 2 - November 4th, 2010 - Originally Posted 11/04/2010 

New Speaker Oh The House, John Boehner, is walking on cloud nine...once a small business man concerned about the erosion of "core values" in America...he has worked tirelessly in Congress since 1991...During his tenure, Speaker Boehner has paid particular attention to preserving core values and as a result, the number of jobs he has created as a Congressman

Day 1 - November 3rd, 2010 - Originally Posted 11/04/2010 

Candidate Mike Kelly maintained that he is a job creator and this must be true.  His Auto Dealership in Butler, Pennsylvania is centrally located and services several large cities in both Pennsylvania and Ohio.  The dealership unfortunately has lost a key employee as Representative Kelly will have to leave the business to concentrate all of his efforts into job creation in Washington D.C.

Since Representative Kelly has left one job and started a new job...the net effect on jobs created





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