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Lakeview Country Club Practice Facility - Originally Posted 04/20/2012 

Good Afternoon,
The Raptor found himself out at Lake View CC (LVCC) last August 22, for the annual CPA Golf Tournament (won by Dave Hewett, with The Raptor finishing a distant 5th due to diminished skills) and while prepping for the shotgun start snapped a picture of the nearly finished "Practice Facility" which occupies the spot which was at one time the Driving Range.

The LVCC Practice Facility - Soon To Open...


This new facility is a wonderful addition to an already awesome golf club and it is sure to create a buzz when it officially opens, later this year.

It had dawned on The Raptor while lunching with long time golf pal, Tom Bean that this facility and it's four "practice greens" (Is there four?), need some names.  This is for several reasons but most importantly to create some long term recognition for the valiant members who shouldered the responsibility of making Lake View great.

Go back with The Raptor to the early 1980's when the Practice Facility was still a driving range for some background.  For those of you who can remember, the range was in that location perhaps to the middle 1990's but in 1983 it was of constant concern over the periodic missiles which flew off the less accurate woods of the day and placed many a car out on Route 89 in peril.  There are no doubt countless stories of little old ladies and big skinhead biker types who were beneficiaries of a cracked windshield courtesy of a wicked hook (or slice if hit by Mike Capotis) delivered by one of Lake View's finest.  Then there are other stories of unfortunate SOB's who took a shot to the nogin while waiting on the 8th tee...The Raptor liked equating the 8th as "The Killing Field".  There are still other stories of the shots which smashed into the old half way house.  There were only a few "big hitters" who could pull off the half way house...there are probably a few anecdotes of some unfortunate wedding party attempting to get a group shot at the gazebo that got peppered by someone (more than likely on purpose)....
The Raptor recalls vividly the lament of past Board Member Bob Munson (who was also an insurance agent) talking about this subject at annual meeting(s).  One member (name unknown) suggested putting up a sign at the range which would somehow indemnify the club from liability and Bob said "you can't "sign" away your liability"...rim shot please...
Anyhow, the LVCC membership and Board breathed a sigh of relief when the new range was constructed...for the most part.  Naturally there were some who complained about THAT range putting players on hole #10 in's a Catch 22.
Now fast forward to the present. Not only do the practice facility holes need names but the facility itself needs a name so why not call it "The Robert Munson Memorial Practice Facility" or The Munson for short.  Then, the holes could be named for legendary members like Weinheimer, Spicher, "Mad Dog" and Krull.  Conversely, instead of members, the names could be comprised of LVCC Head Professionals such as Wargo, Kaye, Clover and Crane....well....let's skip that idea.  But, it is most important to note that a special meeting of the bylaws committee should be called to make sure not to name any of the holes....Carlotti....
I guess I like to bring back Bob Munson on this story as it is a foregone conclusion that golf balls are once again going to end up out on Route 89.  Tom suggested that a shot of 125 to 150 yards is possible by going from the area close to the green by hole 18 all the way to the hole that is close to the edge of the driving range near 89.  So, in a future scenario, you could have say....Rick Carlotti standing by at Spicher while Dave Hewett is plying his game up yonder at Mad Dog and Rick decides he has had enough of Dave's birdie barrages so he decides to send out a little "chin music" but inadvertently "bellies" an eight iron which rockets out onto 89, where it caroms off of Ellery Tarbell's new Ferrari Dino....Ellery, startled by the encroachment veers out of control and plows into the house over the hill and takes out that guys kitchen...hhhhhhmmmmm....this could get interesting!

Lakeview Country Club Revisited - 2010 - Originally Posted 11/17/2010 

The Raptor played on several occasions at LVCC this season and the facility was in fabulous shape.  As usual, the fairways were the best as they have been for many years.  The turf has an interesting quality in that the ball tends to "stand up" and this makes shot playing a tad easier...

LVCC has been given a chance to flourish again due to the altruistic intentions of gentlemen like Chuck Ollinger, Lloyd Krull and Tom Wilkinson who came to the plate with some ideas and some cash to eliminate a pesky loan with the bank.

In the Clubhouse, the management team has engaged The Mercyhurst College Restaurant Program to help staff the facility but...Chef Rob Evers still handles the kitchen duties.

As the winter season progresses The Raptor hopes to expand on this page and perhaps get a byline going from one of LVCC's prominent members...stay tuned



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