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Ginger or Mary Ann? - It's an age old question that's difficult to answer


Ginger, the ultra sexy and sophisticated Redheaded hottie is  the dream girl for a whole generation of TV viewers who lusted after her.  It was unfortunate that the Gilligan's Island Series debuted and ran in the early 60's.  At that time network sensors ran roughshod over the producers of the TV shows and as a result there was very little sex, violence or gore of any kind.

If this show was on today, there is no doubt that we would be seeing a lot more of what this babe had to offer!

Mary Ann, fresh from the farm and as pure as snow.  This babe had everything a hound dog could ask for.  Good looks, cheerful disposition, excellent cook and a figure to die for!.  How about those extra short shorts guys?  I'll bet if you looked closely, you could have seen bush!. 

While the Raptor is too shy to let in on his choice in this contest, he is always willing to listen to other opinions.  So, if you, the browser want to put in a comment, send The Raptor a message at and the comment will be formatted and included in this page!

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