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Genesis Of The Raptor

We all have and give nicknames.  In the group of golf buddies I play with the nicknames include: Beaner, O, Curly, E, Skinny Boy, Munster, The Dominator aka RDD, Barney and Wallet Toss.  For many years, I was known as "Carny".  It was in the late 1990's that one of my buddies, Beaner, started referring to me as "Carny Man".  I guess that this was a veiled reference to a toothless Carnival worker, the type of which would generally hover near the Ferris wheel and reek of BO and beer.

I must have taken offense to the alternate nickname because while I was Playing the 15th hole at Lakeview CC, I recall telling my cart buddy, RDD, that I did not like being called "Carny Man" and I wasn't toothless but was in fact carrying a mouthful of sharp teeth similar to a Raptor's.  It should be noted that I had probably just seen one of the Jurassic Park flicks.

Anyhow, after telling RDD about the Raptor, I said that I was going to start calling myself "The Raptor" and I remember RDD, with casual ease saying, "Alright Raptor, I'll start calling you The Raptor."  So after round, I announced that I was sick of the Carny Man stuff and I would now bew known as The Raptor.  This was met with a general round if discontent but, unfortunately, The Raptor had spoken.

Since then, everyone's been calling me The Raptor.

Several years ago, The Raptor was just starting to get involved in the political scene and it came to pass that during the Bush - Gore Presidential contest, which was unfortunately won by George W. Bush, the local Democratic Party had a gathering at the Local Polish Falcons Nest down on East 3rd St and the featured speaker was Al Franken.

The Raptor had remembered that he had in his vast library a book written by Franken called "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot!".  So armed with the book, I went to the Falcons to get it autographed.  I really didn't have an interest in what was happening as far as the political stuff.

The place was a zoo and Franken was late.  I was lucky to get the autograph.  He only spoke for maybe...20 minutes...told some unfunny jokes...and as he wrapped up his speech, there was a mad dash of about 20 to 30 individuals including camera crews from at least two local TV Stations trying to get a word from him.

I had been smart enough to bring along a Sharpie and somehow the sea of humanity parted and I found myself directly in front of him.  I showed him the book...he laughed out loud and signed it.

He was asking me who I wanted it addressed to and I stated "The Raptor"...however since it was so noisy in the room, he had difficulty hearing me but fortunately I was able to repeat it and he understood.

Thanks for the memories, Al!


The Raptor is not some figment of the imagination!...well...ok...The Raptor is a figment of the imagination.  But, with that being said, check out this cover from a Golf Magazine subscription.  The is a back story here.  When I was filling out the subscription card I filled it in with "The Raptor" and several weeks later the mag came.  My spouse was ticked!  But it just goes to show you that any one can create an identity.





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