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Special Political Invitation -09/06/2014

Rick & Claudia Filippi
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What Goes Around - Monday 07/07/2014


Good Morning,
The Raptor is a little miffed this morning.   Several weeks ago, while taking care of some book keeping chores for the family business, a note came from an electric energy supplier called First Energy Solutions that stated  there would be an upcoming charge to our Penelec Bill for a "RTO Expense Surcharge"
The Raptor had been monitoring Penelec Bills for over a year since a fast talking representative walked into the showroom and sold what appears to be a scheme of mis-information on Electric Energy Savings.
Over this past year, there has been no fact the electric bills have increased by a few percentage points.
So, The Raptor called First Energy and then Penelec to convert back to standardized Penelec Billing.
Little did The Raptor know that a series of internal meanderings occurred that resulted in a $1,000.00 Cancellation Invoice from First Energy.
The Raptor called First Energy to take advantage of an offer contained in the cancel invoice to re-enroll with First Energy and get a waiver on the cancel fee.  However, even though the invoice was dated 6/23/14 and there was no drop dead date on the cancel invoice a CSR at First Energy stated that there was a five day window to avoid the cancel fee.  Unfortunately, The Raptor could not meet the five day window since the letter from First Energy arrived in the mail after the five day window had passed.
One Thousand Dollars is a substantial amount of money.  Since First Energy will not waive the fee and allow our business to re enroll, The Raptor's only course of action is to take to the streets and send out this warning to be very careful when it comes to your relationship with Penelec - First Energy etc...  If you are presently getting all your electric from Penelec and you get a letter from First Energy or a visit by a pushy advocate for First Energy to your home or office don't make the switch!
The savings are meaningless and you will get overcharged in the long run.
The Raptor would sure appreciate a forwarding of this warning.  In the words of Eric Stratton "We have to do a really stupid and futile gesture"  and "were just the guys to do it"