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Unbelievable - 01/12/14


Good Afternoon,


As The Raptor prepped to watch the first game yesterday which pitted the Seattle Seahawks and The New Orleans Saints he marveled that the game announcers were Sean Burkhardt and John Lynch.  I figured a playoff game would bring out the finest announcers in the land,,,say Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on Nance and Sims.  PGA Golf Professional Richard Rocky echoed the same sentiment with a virulent Twitter rant.  Rocky said he would rather have Marv Albert and Scotty Slice....I countered with Ray Scott and Al DeRogatis  or Lechorchik and Marnella.  Later on, in the second game between The Colts and the Patriots, CBS trotted out Dan Dierdorf...The Raptor had not seen him call a game in years!  Needless to say, he was AWFUL!


This lead The Raptor to thinking....who were the best of the best over the years? Raptor Favs included Tom Brookshier, Jack Buck, Verne Lundquist, John Madden, Vin Scully and the previously mentioned Scott.  Jack Wittaker also was a top notch announcer.  Sadly missed are Howard (Look At That Little Monkey Go!) Cosell and "Dandy" Don Merideth who held sway on Monday Night Football.  Also bringing back fond memories is Jimmy "The Greek".  That poor SOB was pilloried for telling it like it is!


The best part of John Lynch's commentary last night was his frequent use of the superlative, unbelievable.  Actually, he was right.  The weather was unbelievable and the Saints were unbelievable.  What was up with Jimmy Graham?  He looked like he was in a dense was unbelievable.. Perhaps its time to harken back to the days when Steve Harvey's "Bottom Ten" used to refer to them as The Aints.  He also called Alabama "Alabumble" LOL!


The weather this week here in Erie, PA has been unbelievable.  On Monday, a rare event when the temperature dipped below zero...


14 Below


like -14 below zero! talk about cold!  Naturally Fox News' finest such as Stewart Varney (he has the worst comb over in broadcasting) and Neil Cavutto stated that the global warming warnings being talked about by "Scientists" are totally with out merit (since it's so cold).  Roger Ailes must pay those RTards extra to spout that stuff...unbelievable...  since it was 50 degrees yesterday...


The Raptor has been hitting some practice balls on a weekly routine to "keep in shape".  This in itself is unbelievable cause my shape is terrible!  The gang up at Golf Etc. has been greatly accommodating with some helpful analysis of my outcomes and with the warm up yesterday The Raptor felt it was time to head over to Whispering Woods to hit some real time tee shots.  So after getting The Heisman from three foils, The Raptor was finally able to hook up with Lew McClain, Jr. to pull off the exercise.


First, we went to the hole #1 tee box and each hit about 4 or 5 shots The Raptor had hoped to play away from the blue tee box but the wind was fierce enough to scrap that scheme .Here is Lew in mid season form from the white tee box...


Lew McClain



Naturally, certain individuals will be displeased that we trespassed on private doubt if The Raptor was a member of Augusta National, I would not be receiving my dues invoice for 2014...Billy Payne would make sure of that....since Lew lives in proximity to hole #6, we drove back to his house and walked over to the tee box through his back yard.  The Raptor hit some choice tee shots with The Taylor Made R1...


Raptor On One



While it would appear to be somewhat benign outside, it was actually about 35 degrees and the wind made it feel like 20, but it was worth it!  The Raptor could have used an under armor shirt but it's always important to showcase the guns!


The TV Golf Season has started in earnest with the Hawaii swing...last week, at Kapalua and this week at The Sony.  These vistas are unbelievable.  Kapalua especially.  The Raptor is suitably impressed with Zack Johnson's game right now and Jordan Speith is no slouch either.  Recall that Johnson hit a fabulous wedge shot a couple weeks ago to force a playoff in Tiger Woods event, which he won on the playoff hole.


Zach Johnson


Zack turned around at The Hyundai and put on a clinic from tee to green to win comfortably, with Speith coming in second. Now turning to The Sony, The Raptor and Ms. Raptor are pulling for Harris English to pick up the winner's check  In the small world category, English hails from Thomasville , Georgia and grew up in the same golf club that Ms. Raptors brother and family play at so they are familiar with Harry's chops.  Yesterday, English bashed an 8 iron out of some heavy rough about 195 yards.  He is unbelievable...


Harris English


Well...the San Francisco 49ers have just about wrapped up a victory over the Carolina Panthers in what was supposed to be a coming out party for Cam Newton.  Looks like Newton has some more development to the Raptor will sign out to watch Peyton Manning toss the monkey off his back...let's hope he's unbelievable...


A World Turned Upside Down - 11/19/13 



I'm not certain that an "apology" to the class was needed - by either of us.  As I pointed out to Phil and the rest in my just-sent note to (some) of our classmates, political discussion/disagreement is a healthy part of living in a free society.
You shouldn't 'feel bad,' - least of all as it relates to me.  I'm a big boy and have had my beliefs and ideals disagreed with -- in much more life-threatening settings.  Our classmates line up with either you or me - or somewhere in between - on the political spectrum and can agree/disagree with either or both of us without any of us suffering any ill effects.

I trust that you know that, unlike when women 'discuss' things, we are - and
will remain - friends, even though we disagree.  And that's all this is/was -
nothing more than a disagreement on politics.

I trust that you 'enjoyed' the gentle poke I gave your (Obama Style) apology.

Should you wish to discuss this at greater length, drop me a note or give me a bell.



I disagree, discussing/arguing about politics - and other topics - marks
us as members of a free society.  I've been in plenty of countries (some of
where I've been shot at and people were attempting to blow me up) where people aren't welcome or free to speak their minds.  When I'm too old to present my opinions that will be about time to walk into the woods to die.

I will make one last foray into this subject matter with this august group by
reverting to my terribly politically incorrect self by stating that at least, as MEN, we can disagree on politics and still remain friends.  I have never stopped considering 'Raptor' a good friend and classmate with whom I can disagree and still value his friendship and our relationship.

And, to show that my political beliefs remain unbowed, I will note for the
record that if Raptor's apology were truly Obamaesque, it would either:

(1) say the apology wasn't his, it was the world's,
(2) include a new multi-billion dollar social program,
(3) raise the debt ceiling,
(4) appoint an extra-Constitutional email czar,
(5) proclaim that "Becker acted stupidly,"
(6) state "If I had a son he wouldn't look like Becker," and/or
(7) blame Bush.  (If I were the type to make emoticons, I'd insert a smiley face here.)

All, enjoy the approaching holidays and don't forget to make a pledge to our
alma mater this holiday season.


Dear Tim (and all my classmates...)

I am glad to finally get your e-mail addresses so we can keep in touch!!

It's been a long time since the days of 'Sweetwater Clifton"... Those were the best days... (Am I sounding old ?? Emoji)

Guys, life is too short to argue about politics. I really agree with Tim's e-mail. I dont waste my time trying to convince someone else whose political views differ from mine, it is just a waste of time and causes a lot of anger and frustration. Also, I think we should just all thank God ever day for the blessings we all have!

I know of a few Class of our 1974 classmates who are no longer with us, so maybe we should appreciate every day as a gift and just remember the good times we used to have together.

Philip J. Carideo

P.S..... I really hate Golf also...sorry... I tried it once and I suck at it. I'll just keep playing the drums!

Hi All-

Well, this has certainly been an interesting exchange of ideas, or perhaps more accurately an exchange of ideals.

“I find it exceptionally absorbing given the fact that by exchanging the term "liberalism" for "conservatism" in the following statement, and switching the derogatory phrases "lazy and untalented" for "rich and powerful" and "suck off" to "manipulate," the entire declaration conveniently supports the diametric point of view as well:”…quote from classmate

Liberalism is a brain disorder wherein a group who think they know what’s best for others has underwritten and allowed the lazy and untalented to suck off the government tit and subjugated whole generations of minorities to less than mediocrity. The idea of the government knowing what’s best for me (and anyone capable of making competent decisions) will drive the US into the ash heap of former great powers.
But what I find most fascinating is the aspect that each side believes that a particular exchange of their viewpoint or noteworthy observation will somehow finally trigger their opponent into the stark realization that they have, in fact, been wrong all along.

That said, I would like to contribute a viewpoint, which I share, from Mike Seabrook, who I believe is a golfer:

"Golf is a terrible, hopeless addiction, it seems; it makes its devotees willing to trudge miles in any manner of weather, lugging a huge and incommodious and appallingly heavy bag with them, in pursuit of a tiny and fantastically expensive ball, in a fanatical attempt to direct it into a hole the size of a beer glass a half a mile away. If anything could be better calculated to convince one of the essential lunacy of the human race, I haven't found it."


I have no expectations that I will change anyone's political views -or- their perspective on golf. But since you have pointed out that this is a NOT a forum for alumni of the Class of 1974 but rather is for golfers who graduated from Prep in that year, you may remove my name from this list.

If in the future anyone decides to start a blog, email list, Facebook page, or other Prep '74 thread with general interest topics ie: personal information, updates, or other input including (shudder) obituaries, or stage a Class Reunion that does not revolve around golf, please feel free to sign me up.

Tim Golden


A World Turned Upside Down - 11/15/13 


It started as a simple observation. The Raptor incorporated some personal opinion in the Weekend Update published earlier this week. It had been on my mind so The Raptor saw no harm...

"Speaking of websites by now everyone knows that the Affordable Care (ACA) site is a mess...and according to "people" The Obama Administration should immediately shut down the site, defund the ACA and President Obama should resign from office. The Raptor can sympathize here. The design and maintenance of my own site ( <> ) is a CHORE! Consider this...The Raptor site was originally produced 6 or 7 years ago using the Microsoft Frontpage Program. Frontpage was dumped from The Office Suite about the same time and the company that hosts my site will no longer support FP. So, The Raptor bought into Dreamweavewr and it is needless to say like trying to learn a whole new language As a result, The Raptor keeps fingers crossed when ever I post something to the site. So, if the WE The Raptor posted is messed up...

Anyhow, The Raptor would like to introduce a new thread tonight. Pundits like MSNBC's Joe Scarborough are giddy as little school girls over this ACA website catastrophe. The Raptor would like to point out that an unknown number of diligent and dedicated people have been trying to make the ACA work and they have been fought every step of the way by a GOP controlled Congress and even had the to wait for The Supreme Court to pass judgement. The ACA team could never have been comfortable making a concerted effort to pull all the pieces together during 2012 if a candidate like Mitt Romney vowed to disband the ACA on day one! If there is blame to be cast....well..."

That's it Ladies and Gentlemen...Boys and Girls. All I was trying to state was that this should not be a one-sided blame game. The Raptor just thinks that The Democrats and Republicans should share the blame and work in a bi-partisan way to get this ACA project finished.

What happened next was individual who viewed my observation said this...

"John, I’ll opt out of your weekend update. I’ll listen to your commentary on golf – although your admiration of Tiger is unwarranted for, as Brandel Chamblee has demonstrated, he is a CHEAT (the greatest insult that can be cast at a golfer) – but I’ll be damned if I’ll listen to your support for this poser, Barack Obama, the single worst president the US has ever had – and hopefully will EVER have. Your messiah has repeatedly lied to the people of this great nation – and O’care is only the latest incident in an incredibly long list that predates, 4 November 2008, a date that will live in infamy. All of the leading Democrats have followed suit with the lies supporting a system that takes choice away from people and will bankrupt our nation. This includes Max “The Big Sky Liar” Baucus, Mary “The Lying Louisianan” Landrieu, Harry “The Lying Stays in Vegas” Reid, Mark “The Lying Alieut” Begish, Kay “The Lying Tarhell” Hagan, Patty “The Lying Washingtonian” Murray, Chuck “The Lying Empire Stater” Schumer, and Dick “The Lying Dick” Durbin.

Liberalism is a brain disorder wherein a group who think they know what’s best for others has underwritten and allowed the lazy and untalented to suck off the government tit and subjugated whole generations of minorities to less than mediocrity. The idea of the government knowing what’s best for me (and anyone capable of making competent decisions) will drive the US into the ash heap of former great powers.

I have sent my reply to all in our class as I can’t imagine that you’d forward my email to the 400 or so who receive your updates and I can’t allow your partisan post to stand without a dissenting opinion with at least a portion of its recipients.

Please remove me from the weekend update."

Wow! So The Raptor lost another..But, in retrospect the response was purely eloquent. The Raptor doesn't even know much about Max Blaucus or Mark Begish and little about Landrieu, Reid and Shumer. And as far as a brain disorder, The Raptor always knew there were some "Toys In The Attic" but was just afraid to admit it.

The Raptor thought it was a bad idea to involve a certain segment of my high school graduating class but the respondent must have known what he was mate tried to calm him down but his next response was better...The Raptor is considering signing him on as a foil moving forward kind of like a Crossfire thingee..

"Brian, about 15% of John's post was a 'paid political announcement' about the evil, mean-spirited Republicans (who, by the way, are known to be racists due to their opposition to this liar, er, I mean president and his namesake legislation) who have unfairly opposed this legislation that will (everyone gasp) save America.  It's been shown that Obama knew since the very beginning of the bill passage cycle that his now famous promise ("If you like your plan, you can keep it, period.") was a lie and was only told to get the legislation passed. 

Various incantations of the mistruth (see how politically correct I've
become) were reprocessed ad nauseam by his sycophants in the Democratic party - only some of which I delineated - who knew or should have known about the subterfuge ---- and the pain and cost it would inflict on the American public.   (Let's not forget the Nancy Pelosi rich one of "we have to pass a bill so we can SEE . . . . so that we can show you what it is")

Thankfully for the Dems, the American electorate is about as ignorant as grass and by this time of next year will forget this mess due to the latest television reality show and/or will be convinced that Republicans foisted O'care on them.

It's funny that you'd bring up Cruz as, more often than not, naturalized citizens more greatly appreciate the significance of 'America' is as they've seen what shitholes exist out there.  That significance is likely to decline as we get ourselves deeper into dept.  As a Republican - NOT a conservative -I want the Republican candidate for 2016 to bring some fiscal responsibility to the federal government (are you better off than you were $4 trillion dollars ago), protect our citizens for all enemies foreign and domestic, and to raise America's standing in the world as it has fallen immeasurably over the past four years.

As to Jerry's point, John's golf insights (save for his unfathomable support for Woods who is, I repeat, A CHEATER) - from the local to international levels - range from lighthearted and mirthful to head-scratching but I don't want my "Erie golf page" diluted with bunk about this train wreck piece of legislation or its propagator - who I did everything within my power to send back to that rat hole called Chicago last November."

So there you have is readers...a total impressive analysis above and beyond anything The Raptor could think up...The Raptor is served!



Eating Out- 07/23/13 

The Raptor and Ms. Raptor used to get out a couple of times per week for a bite to eat. More and more it seems that every one else in Erie eats out too. Some of the more popular restaurants include: The Olive Garden...Friday's...LoneStar...Texas Roadhouse...Applebees and O'Charleys. The biggest beef The Raptor has is with crying/screaming babies and or young children. In many cases the parents seem oblivious to the screams or conversely the parents kind of look at each other to see which one is going to quiet down the offending kid.

Recently, The Raptor gort out of the house after a six week incarceation after some surgery on the foot. We decided to meet outr friends Tom and Nita at Max and Irmas and surre enough, as soon as we got comfy, a group of country folk showed up with a small kid who would not shut up! And to top it off, the kid kept messing with my scooter which I had parked near our table. It was frustrating say the least and it seems there is no place to go to avoid the crying kid.

On another occasion, the family included two kids...both of whom were screaming. The father looked to be a law enforcement officer whilst the mother was young and of a potential trailer park pedigree. They made no effort to quirt yhe kids and it was very frustrating to sit and enjoy a meal...It's all President Obama's fault...

"Show Me Em Both!"- 02/18/13 

The Raptor has been busy as of late and as a result, Weekend Updates are tough to bang out...The has been a lot going on lately and we shall endeavor to expand. First a little backstory may be in order about a recent Weekend Update.

You see...The Raptor was served...yes that's right...served. It seems that not everyone looks forward to these Updates and elected to buzz kill the situation. I just happened to mention that I had played a round out at the Downing Club and it was deemed to be boring. Sigh! would seem to stick to the news of the day. While The Raptor wasn't trying to seek inspiration, The Raptor tuned into a VH1 Classic Movie to watch an extremely chopped version of the 1982 Cult Classic Porky' was awesome!...Pee Wee, Tommy, Jarvis, Billy, Meat...


Porky Logo
The Legendary Sign At Porky's - Get It!

One of the highlights of the flick occurrs when Miss Ballbricker grabs a hold of Tommy Turner' know "tallywhacker" as discussed in this narrative...

"Balbricker: Now, Mr. Carter. I know this is completely unorthodox. But I think this is the only way to find that boy. Now that penis had a mole on it - I'd recognize that penis anywhere. In spite of the juvenile snickers of some, this is a serious matter. That seducer and despoiler must be stopped; he's extremely dangerous. And, Mr. Carter, I'm certain that everyone in this room knows who that is. He's a contemptible little pervert who...

Mr. Carter: Miss Balbricker!

Balbricker: Well, I'm sorry, but I've got him now, and I'm not going to let him slip through my fingers again. Now, all I'm asking is that you give me five boys for a few minutes. The coaches can be present - Tommy Turner and any four boys you see fit to choose and we... and we... can put a stop to this menace. And it is a menace.

Miss Ballbricker
"Please...Miss Ballbricker!"

Balbricker: Well, what are you gonna do about it?

Mr. Carter: Five young boys in the nude, a police line-up so that you can identify his tallywhacker. Please, please can we call it a "tallywhacker"? Penis is so ppp... penis is so personal.

Balbricker: We can put hoods over their heads to avoid embarrassment. Now listen: we have got to do it, as distasteful as it is. I know it's him. That

Balbricker: tallywhacker had a mole on it. And that mole is the key to it.

Mr. Carter: Miss Balbricker, do you realize the difficulty of your request? Now, I would be very happy to, uh, to apprehend the young man myself. But can you imagine what the board of education would say if you were granted a line-up in order to examine their private pa... their private parts for an incriminating mole?

Balbricker: But Mr. Carter.

Coach Brackett: Mr. Carter, I think I have a way out of this. We, uh, call the police, and we have 'em send over one of their sketch artists. And Miss Balbricker can give a description. We can put up "Wanted" posters all over school... "Have you seen this prick? Report immediately to Beulah Balbricker. Do not attempt to apprehend this prick, as it is armed and dangerous. It was last seen hanging out in the girls' locker room at Angel Beach High School."

Yes it was awesome and perhaps the all time greatest quote happens when the gang heads to Porky's. Once in the door...Pee Wee and Meat are seated at the bar whilst a exotic dancer shakes her stuff... she speaks direcly to Pee Wee...

Dancer(Exotic): Want to see em?

Pee Wee: Yeah!

Dancer: Two! (the dancer exclaims as she waves her hand with two raised finger)

Pee Wee: Ya show me em both!.

Meat: She means to pay her two bucks dummy!

Pee Wee: Ya I knew that (pulling out his wallet).

Show me em both - it's the most classic quote of all time! L2ms (Laugh To Myself)

The PGA Tour had a rousing tournament out at Riviera (former home of OJ) After a couple of hiccups along the way, Charlie Belgian and John Merrick (a name so memorable, The Raptor had to look him up) settled into a two hole play off which Merrick won. Belgian is intense. The Raptor was pulling for him after he canned that bird on hole 18 during regulation play.


Charlie Belgian
Charlie Belgian! - The New Face Of The PGA Tour

Then, Bernhard Langer nipped Jay Don Blake in the Senior event - held in chilly Florida. The LPGA was conducting a tournament out in Australia and a gal named Lydia Ko made some news. Unfortunately, Lydia faltered in the final round and let J A Shin win. Ko shooting a final round 76 whilst Shin carded a 1 under par 72. Yanni Tseng had a charge up the leaderboard with a final round 66.

While this may not be the best time to bring it up....Phil Mickelson has been in the news a lot lately and for all the wrong reasons. "Lefty" as he is called by his synchophants recently came out swingin regarding an exorbitant tax rate in the Great State of Californy. The Raptor has never been west of Cleveland let alone out to California and so I am clueless about why the tax rate is 13%. Ya The Raptor gets the whole pension stuff and the road stuff and the free college stuff and the Latino stuff and the earthquake stuff and the gay stuff but, suffice to say, for Mickelson to complain about how much of a tax bill he has is fake tears as far as The Raptor is concerned.

Put you self in my shoes Phil! Geeeeeze....your making 60 Million Dollars a year! And to do it you get to travel the free world and play golf! Along the way you go to sports events...Vegas...The Big Apple...Smarten up...move to Texas and hang out with Rory Sabbattini! the mean time...figure out how to get the ball in the hole...ya your an old man now but you can still win! And if you don't produce again folks will think your a 42 win wonder

Shown Here Is Phil Mickelson Chatting About His Strong Showing In The Third Round Of The Phoenix Event


Speaking of bout The First Golfer?...It's got to be sticking in the craw of every GOP freak out there that President Obama bested Mitt Romney in the election...then he gets to play with drones and blow up the bad guys...then he throws the bird at Eric Cantor and then he takes a few days off to freshen up for the Sequestration, Debt Ceiling and The Immagration Reform.


President Obama Chillin At The Inaguration With General Dissaray



It's bound to be a rough patch for House Spearker Jon Boehner...The Raptor is reading the new book by Bob Woodward the "Price Of Politics"....I have about 100 pages to go but I think Boehner lost...


John Boehner
"Tears Are Fallin!...


OK, The Raptor wanted to discuss The Pope but it's getting late so let's come back another day






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