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The Great White Hope - Originally Posted 03/21/12

It won't be long now until the up and coming Pennsylvania Primary Election will be conducted on April 24th. While the Democratic Primary will be somewhat boring, the Republican Primary is chock full of compelling interest.  Just last evening , the Illinois Primary wrapped up and the clear winner of the Republican contest was Mitt Romney...former Governor of Massachusetts.

Governor Mitt Romney - In A Familiar Pose...

What Is He Thinking Here?..."Hello, My Name Is Mitt Romney...I Am Very Successful...Can I Somehow Appeal To You To Vote For Me?"

Romney's victory last evening reminds The Raptor of the the classic American story of Jack Johnson.  Johnson was the Boxing Heavyweight Champion back around 1910 when fight promoters brought James Jefferies out of retirement to beat Johnson.  Johnson's crime was simple...he was a black man enjoying success in a white man's world.  Jefferies was regarded as a great fighter and he was widely referred to as "The Great White Hope". Meanwhile, Johnson continued to live a life of luxury and extravagance and made it a habit to keep a number of hot, attractive white women is his stable....grrrrrrrrrr!

Now, over 100 years later, Governor Romney stands poised as The Great White Hope of this generation.  He talks the talk, and he walks the walk.  He has built an excellent campaign.  Very soon his campaign will arrive here in Pennsylvania along with the campaigns of Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania, as well as the campaigns of former Speaker Of The House, Newt Gingrich and Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX).

As a group, the GOP hopefuls are speaking in a unified voice about how bad things are here in the economy is President Obama has allowed gas prices to core Democratic positions like green energy and environmental conservation are killing jobs here at home while evil regimes like China thrive.

Romney is particular is touting his business acumen as proof positive that a Romney Administration will make America great again...The Raptor has heard this tune before and in reality it's a broken record.  It seems to happen during every National Election Cycle as the "Haves" wail and gnash their teeth and cry crocodile tears on how miserable it is here in America.  The GOP cry daily about President Obama's Socialist agenda. The GOP cry about how President Obama was a community organizer....yeah, The Raptor remembers how Rudolph Juliani sneered out that epithet during the 2008 GOP convention.

Sure, America has some issues...the most serious being the "Medicare Entitlement" problem...just yesterday, Congressman Paul Ryan (R, WI), who is Chairman of The House Budget Committee, trotted out an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal.  His well written analysis indicated that without a doubt, if the Washington Pols don't act now, debt as a share of Gross Domestic Product will reach over 800% by the year 2070. According to Ryan's analysis, at present the American National Public Held Debt is at 73% of GDP.  Hmmmmmmmm....that sounds pretty bad!  doesn't it?

So, Congressman Ryan is proposing to lower the Corporate Tax Rate from 35% to a more competitive 25% and some how eliminate special interest loop-holes....The Raptor has no idea what special interest loopholes are but I sure would like to have a few.  And The GOP seem to want to lower individual tax rates too. 

It appears that The Great White Hope is prepared to say or do anything to get elected.  When he was in Alabama he ate some grits...while here in Pennsylvania he will wolf down a Chessesteak Sandwich in Philly and a Permani Bros. Hero in Pittsburgh...naturally The Great White Hope probably won't be able to visit Erie but without a doubt he will show up in Butler, trying to get the support of Congressman Mike Kelly.

Congressman Kelly is certainly in a predicament.  You see...he comes from the Butler area...the same area that Candidate Rick Santorum comes from.  Former Senator Santorum certainly has an excellent chance to win the Pennsylvania Primary.  Consider that his principal strategist, John Brabender comes from Erie Pa.  Even though Senator Santorum got waxed by Bob Casey is 2006 it's with in the realm of possibility the Casey could have beat any one that year as the Republican brand had been damaged by the Bush Administration's foreign policy peccadilloes.

Congressman Mike Kelly Senator Rick Santorum

Will Congressman Kelly support Santorum?  He is on the fence as The Raptor writes this.  Romney is obviously the front runner but Kelly would sure look bad if he supported Romney and Santorum pulled out a win anyhow...and what about the Pennsylvania GOP? Are they going to throw Santorum under a bus?  Probably not.  So the race may continue and The Great White Hope will have to retool as he continues his slow, steady rise towards his biggest fight...against a powerful black man who is despised by 38% of Americans.

Bayer Aspirin - It's Not Just For Headaches Anymore- Originally Posted 2/17/12 

The Raptor was tuned in live yesterday when MSNBC Moderator Andrea Mithchell developed a speech disorder over the somewhat idiotic comments of Foster Freiss, whom she was interviewing regarding the candidacy of Rick Santorum.  Santorum has been on the trail attempting to woo voters in such key battleground states as Michigan and Ohio and Freiss has been his wing man in the endeavor.

Presidential Candidate - Rick Santorum (R) Pennsylvania Speaking To Some Supporters With An Approving Look From Foster Freiss

What Friess said is pretty cool..."On this contraceptive thing, my gosh, itís so inexpensive. You know, back in my days, they used Baer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasnít that costly."  I think Mitchell and other "gals" who were reacting to his offensive remark probably were afraid to opine on what Mr. Friess really meant to say.

The Raptor is only guessing here but according to Friess, if gals would hold the aspirin between their knees, then they would not be able to spread open the legs in order to "Wango Tango"  it's too bad no one registered shock and dismay over this...

Mr. Santorum, formerly a Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania (home of Joe Paterno) was non-plussed during his mea culpa on Fox News last night.  He stated unequivocally that he is not responsible for everything a supporter of his says...oh really Rick?...gee it sure has become a pain that the American Political Process has been overtaken by limp dicks like Foster Friess and Sheldon Adelson who set up "Super PACS" and then run their own campaign without having to say they are sorry. Mr. Friess is kinda creepy and as a result Senator Santorum is creepy by association.

The Raptor likes to hold onto certain grudges and one of them is a court case which developed about 10 years ago in Dover, Pennsylvania.  The Dover School Board attempted to thrust the teaching of "Intelligent Design" as a alternative curriculum to the "Theory Of Evolution".  Fortunately, the Board lost and we are a better nation as a result.  It should be noted that Senator Santorum was a huge proponent of this Intelligent Design Agenda and as a result his mental capabilities are suspect.

Mr. Santorum's message...centered on family values and strong religious affiliation is wonderful and it is heartwarming to see a man have the courage to stand up for his convictions.  Unfortunately, in order to stand up, Santorum has to rely on fucktards like Friess to help him promote an agenda.  Gawd, can you imagine a Presidency under Rick Santorum/Foster Friess? Whew! looks like Santorum's 15 minutes of fame is about to end...





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