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The Penn State Scandal Page - 2011 (Created 02/16/12)

My Neighbor (Created 11/28/08)
Man Versus Woman Page - (Updated 07/01/09)
Ginger Vs Mary Ann  (Created 06/24/07)
The Barry Bonds Saga (Updated 02/09/09)
 The Nibiru Page - (Created 08/09/07)



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Created 04/11/16

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Welcome To The Archives Page - 04/11/2016

In an effort to clean up some of the clutter, several links that at one tinme were accessed throught he Home Page have been moved here for your consideration.

"The Penn State Scandal Page -2011" was created when the Jerry Sandusky Incident Occurred

"My Neighbor" was created to reflect on how Neighbors some time can't keep up with the maintenace on their property

"Man v Woman Page" is a hilarious comparison

" Ginger v Mary Ann" is self explanatory

"The Barry Bonds Saga" deals with the steroid issue

"The Nibiru Page" is a brief history of the failings of the early civilizations of the Earth to understand science