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The Raptor Papers Part 5 - 02/06/2017



After getting a good nights sleep following a big rout by the Atlanta Falcons over the hapless New England Pats (The Raptor checked out when the score went to 28 to 3 - no team could come back from that deficit), I am up bright and early to digest some talking points I wrote down over the weekend.

First, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has introduced a bill (HR861) to eliminate the EPA.

Second, Former Governor Mile Huckabee sent out in a pretty sma...rt tweet " Breaking news from Hollywood, Senator Charles Schumer cast in lead role for remake of "Boys Don't Cry"

Third, there is evidence that President Trump signed an Executive Order that assigned a permanent seat on the National Security Council to White House Counsel, Steve Bannon. Unfortunately, President Trump had not read the EO before signing and was "furious" afterward that he was not briefed on the EO before signing.

This brought an interesting Tweet from Politico Reporter, Jeff Greenfield who compared The Trump Administration to the shenanigans of Governor William J Lepetomanes's "work, work, work" bit I have brought it to this piece for your enjoyment.

The Raptor has always enjoyed the point when Governor LePetomane says "hello boys, had a goods nights rest? I missed you" and "I didn't get a hurrumpf outta that guy!" This must be a pretty accurate portrayal on how things work in this current White House.

Regarding Governor Huckabee, it would appear that he will have to fall back on the new GOP mantra to thoroughly humiliate someone and themselves and then state they were just trying to get a laugh. Not funny Governor...Senator Schumer was probably grief stricken over some incident from his past. Perhaps something to do with the holocaust. Maybe Governor Huckabee should give it a rest.

Finally, this initiative to eliminate the EPA seems genuine...what could go wrong? I mean these guys in Washington are pretty smart? They've got your back America!


The Raptor Papers Part 4 - 02/05/2017



The Raptor always was hesitant to actually tell my FBF's what is on my mind. It is plainly evident that much of what comes out of these fingers leaves much to be desired, especially to my FBF's who belong to The Party of Lincoln (L2ms). Today I will discuss an issue which perhaps is on the minds of most Americans and it has to do with The Rules of The Road.

For starters, The Raptor has been driving for over 45 years now, obtaining a Learner's Permit way back in 1972.. During that long span I have been involved in a few fender benders but no major head on collisions or roll overs. Therefore, I consider myself to be a capable driver and attempt showboating only when absolutely necessary.

What is sticking in my craw like a bad tooth today is the fundamental concept of "safe following distance" This may be little known or perhaps never discussed during the driving test but it goes something like this. While divining, it shall be the goal of every driver to follow the vehicle in front of yours at a safe distance and my recollection is 1 car length for every 10 miles per hour. So, when in a 40 mile an hour zone the nearest car should be 4 car lengths away. But seriously, when does this ever happen?

More often than not, the driver following is right on my rear bumper! At 40 miles per hour! In nasty weather condition! In total darkness! With school age children walking along the roadside, wearing a dark hoodie! They are insane I tell you! would be not recommended to perform some counter aggressive act such as a slow down or perhaps a carefully directed hand signal. That could result in a ramming or some exchange of gunplay.

Here where I come from, Erie PA, it takes about 15 minutes to get anywhere in the freakin county but there is always some dork that has to jump right on your bumper...pull into the middle of the road to terrorize you and give you a horn or some flashing lights, in the biggest SUV or Pickup Truck known to man.

It's my belief that drivers who do not adhere to the safe following rule are go dog go Republicans trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps on the road to success. Cautions drivers, like my self are generally Democrats. Trying to drive by the Rule of Law and catch a ray of sunshine, while listening to 60's on 6, as we head on down to the unemployment center to sign up for benefits before we go over to Social Security Office to pick up a disability check so we can purchase Colt 45 Malt Liquor and some smoke. Please fellow road warriors, slow down!


The Raptor Papers Part 3 - 02/03/2017



Gun play in America and the continued ability to keep Second Amendment Liberties safe is on the mind of many in the Electorate. Day in and day out we get a snap shot of how pervasive our penchant for weaponry has become. While The Raptor does not own any guns, target practice was accomplished way back in the Penn State days when a gut course was sought for the Phys Ed Requirement. As luck would have it, a course in rifle was available and i...t was great fun pumping hot lead into those 30's era J Edgar Hoover perp targets. As a part of the course, the students (many of whom were ROTC) got to spend a day using the pistol for target practice too. Unfortunately, no silencers were used which add to the hotness of any handgun.

We all know that there is a jobs problem here in America. Those good paying manufacturing jobs just don't exist any more as durable goods that used to fail after a couple of years now last forever. This has left the workforce in a quandary as they struggle to find good paying jobs at Tim Horton's to make ends meet. The Raptor has a idea here. I propose that America take the reins of development on weaponry to the next level with the design and production of Star Trek style Phasers and Star Wars style Blasters.

This could eliminate the jobs problem in a heartbeat and the workers could get free products to sample as a condition of employment. While the Blasters are much cooler that Phasers, they are bulky and would be difficult to hide when you apply for concealed carry. But, work with me here....America will never be able to end gun play so we might as well roll with it. Plus by converting to a blaster, the need for bullets is eliminated. The owner could stop at Valu Home Center for a power pack or Starbucks franchises could be retooled so that the baristas would use some fancy interface to upload a new clip of "juice"

Unfortunately, I do not see Light Sabre's as a viable option because I believe only Jedi Masters can activate them. This is sad since they are much more elegant than a blaster (according to Obi-Wan Kenobi)


The Raptor Papers Part 2 - 02/03/2017



The Trump Administration is redefining the term "the gift that keeps on giving" Since yesterday here are the main talking points culled from MSM and Twitter.

First, at a meeting of some attendees at a Black History Month event, President Trump made some glowing comments about the Great Work that Frederick Douglas is doing. Yes, The Raptor is taking whatever President Trump said totally out of context. Buutt, the Raptor is "pretty sure" that President Trump thought Douglas was alive and well.

Moving on. President Trump attended a National Prayer Breakfast yesterday and piled on to what a terrible job Arnold Schwarzenegger (I looked up the spelling) is doing as host of The Apprentice. President Trump continued with the thread and asked the attendees to pray for Arnold so he could improve. The fact that President Trump smiled and laughed at this point is indicative of what is actually going through is mind (probably a fond memory from his time at the show).

The Trump Administration is also exercising some damage control over the outcome of media hysteria due to the supposed abrupt end to the phone call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. Rather than report on this issue, all The Raptor can say is Australians are nice people (think Mick Dundee) and when PM Turnbull pulled the rug out on President Trump on the refugee deal, President Trump's normally enlarged gherkin more than likely turtled.

Later in the day President Trump's spokesperson, Kelly Conway came on to Hardball and floated a clearly invented terrorist attack in Kentucky called The Bowling Green Massacre as solid reasoning to implement a Muslim Ban (that's right I called it a Muslim Ban bad) It isn't necessary to add additional humorous comment here cause it ain't funny.

The Raptor has good intel that the Webster's Dictionary has now put Ms. Conway's picture into their reference section next to "dumas" Sure, there was an important Foreign Policy Victory when Ambassador Nicky Haley took to the United Nation GA yesterday and denounced the Russian transgression in Ukraine. But, this victory was usurped by a piece on Twitter that revealed a GOP led Congressional attempt to vote to allow mentally ill individuals to obtain weapons. Now what could possibly go wrong with this initiative? Let the shootin' begin


The Raptor Papers Part 1 - 02/02/2017



Over the past few days there have been several threads created here on FB by my Face Book Friends (FBF) that advocate the Muslim Ban as a way to "lock the door" in the same fashion that any normal terrified American locks their own door to keep out the "bad dudes" (L2ms).

I am here to remind you that in addition to the horrendous and savage acts of murder perpetrated in places like San Bernardino and the Florida Night Club there are also hallowed grounds in places like Columbine, The Colorado Theater, Sandy Hook and a South Carolina Church. Go ahead, FBF's, head to your safe room where you stockpile your arsenals and your bullets. Pull out you piece. caress it. kiss it, and do whatever else you do with your weapons. but always remember that no matter how hard the Trump Administration tries to work diligently to suspend immigration on "Bad Dudes" there may be a "Worse Dude" living right next door to you. Perhaps planning to shoot up a Restaurant where you eat or a Gym where you cheer on your kid. As circumstances would have it, I will be heading back to the hospital for some new medical care so "my days at Faber may be numbered" so I will initiate some continued daily posts to some day be called "The Raptor Papers" See you soon!



There Is Talk Of An Inauguration - 01/17/2017


The Raptor is getting ready to head out the door for some doctor visits. It has been determined that The Raptor has what is known in the Medical World as a "Large Chondroid Sarcoma" in the sternum. This mass will require surgical removal and it is such that processes like Radiation and chemotherapy are not prescribed.

The mass was somewhat evident as of April and May of 2016 and it was brought to the attention of The Raptor's PCP in June. At that time the PCP felt it was best to monitor the mass with a follow up visit which occurred in December 2016. Shortly after that a X- Ray was done, then shortly after that a CT Scan was performed. Once the CT Scan was performed a visit was scheduled with a Oncology Othopaedic Surgeon in Pittsburgh. Since the visit with that surgeon, a bone scan has been completed and today The Raptor will be travelling to Pittsburgh for a biopsy.

As additional details are developed, updates will be published. The Raptor appreciates your thoughts and payers.

With that being said, here are some brief thoughts on this coming Friday's Inauguration of Donald Trump as President of The United States. President-Elect Trump has spent the past two months preparing for this day and according to what The Raptor has learned on the MSNBC News Show "Morning Joe" this morning, President Elect Trump has been "fretting" during the past few days about the gravity of this situation. The Raptor has been watching this shit show unfold and as for as The Raptor is concerned President Elect Trump's "Acting Presidential" Ship has sailed.


President Elect Trump's conduct during this transition has been deplorable (to borrow some campaign rhetoric). President-Elect Trump's supporters won't care about this. Since their votes have been cast for him, they will have to ride the ship wherever it sails. The common hope is that President Elect Trump will suddenly become Presidential and carry out his promises to somehow Make America Great Again.

As far as The Raptor is concerned, America has been good as of late. Maybe not great and certainly there is always room for a improvement. Unfortunately, since President Elect Trump has been acting Un-Presidential, his decision to grow up is too little too late. In President-Elect Trump's own Twitter words...Sad!



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