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Politics Update -04/27/2016 - A Simple Explanation On How Politics Works


After watching the Politics evolve over the past few days its becoming apparent that the November Presidential Election is shaping up to be an epic and perhaps disastrous back and forth mud slinging affair.

Yesterday's Primary Elections, held in the North Corridor States of CT, MD, PA, RI and Delaware featured a decisive clean sweep for Candidate Donald Trump on the Republican Ticket and a 4 out of 5 tally for former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on The Democratic Side. There is momentum on both sides here and fringe Candidates like Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are licking their wounds after these sound thrashings.

This has not stopped Senator Cruz from naming former failed Hewlett Packard CEO and failed Presidential Candidate, Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential Candidate.


It should be noted that The Raptor learned a new word out of all this. "Acela" which is a short version of "Acceleration and Excellence" is a useful Twitter reference for these heavily populated states

At the end of the day, Candidate Trump continued on his path of despair and destruction. He has managed to energize the Republican Base with his message of hope...that is "Making America Great Again"...


Let's see, The Candidate Trump has promised to: Lower Taxes On The Middle Class, Protect Social Security and Medicare, Repeal Obamacare, Fortify The Military, Destroy ISIS, Clamp Down On Immigration Fiascoes, Build A Wall Between USA and Mexico, Renegotiate Trade Deals and Provide Long Term Care To Our Veterans. Candidate Trumps managed to rattle off these promises in his recent 30 second advertisement barrage which coincided with The Pennsyslvania Primary

I don't know about you folks but Trump has The Raptor convinced. Come Labor Day, the flood gates will open on this message of hope and Americans will unite as never before to bounce The Elites out of Washington DC in November and return America to that special time when the world trembled - #JCMB

Submitted for your approval is this wonderful cartoon which was passed to The Raptor by a loyal follower - enjoy..,






Note: See Additional Politics Updates At "The Politics Page" Link