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Special Announcement - Friday 04/11/2014 - Save The Date! - 3:30 till ??


It's time to once again set up a Pros Table for The Raptor's Annual Masters Symposium.  This Erie tradition has been going on for almost 20 years.  Started as a small gathering at The Rathskeller Café in 1996, the event has been held with pride the past 10 years at the legendary Skeeter's Pub.

This year, The Symposium will be staged at the Bullfrogs Bar which is part of Andy's Pub up at 38th and Liberty. The Raptor met with Gary up at Bullfrogs last week and he will have our group stationed in an atrium area just to the left of the main bar with a handsome view of Little Caesar's Pizza - across Liberty Street. This is a cash bar but that shouldn't present too much of a bother to most folks The Raptor knows...

There is much to consider as the golf community prepares for the first major toonament of the 2014 season. There are a number of stories in play here. Tiger Woods has a bad back, Jason Day, winner of the recent WGC Match Play, has a sore thumb, Justin Rose, thought to be whole again after some poor post U S Open play is iffy, and Phil Mickelson has been a non factor in most of his appearances so far this season. Hunter Mahan withdrew from the Arnold Palmer while Rory McIlroy has shown some promise and there are a handful of young pros who are hungary to earn a win in the first major of 2014. The Symposium is a great way to kick off the season and The Raptor would be happy to see a large crowd.