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Politics Update -05/06/2016 - Hello To My Little Friends


Just when we all were thinking we could take a collective breath with the decisions by Candidates Cruz and Kasich to suspend their Presidential Campaign Ambitions, Donal Trump has decided to initiate his long awaited Pivot 2.0 in order to demonstrate to the Electorate that he can be Presidential.

Candidate Trump has been habitually seen in public as a Go Get Em, Confident Egotist and has been unapologetic on his rants against Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks and Women. He recently was spotted in his New York 5th Avenue Home known as Trump Tower having lunch and sent out one of his classic Tweets in order to reach his followers.

In the Tweet he stated that "I Love Hispanics" and to demonstrate his sincerity he was photographed munching on a Taco Bowl and he stated that Trump Tower had the best Taco Bowls in town...and aparently, according to researchers, the circled photo is of Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples soon to be named potential Director Of Homeland Security


This makes perfect sense. Candidate Trump must have a focus grorup living with him that may include his spouse, Melania, his sons Donald and Eric, his daughter Ivanka and perhaps his principal advisors, Governors Chris Christie and Sarah Palin


They surely got together Wednesday Morning fresh off a big victory in the Indiana Republican Primary and said hmmmmmmmm...what can we do now to begin the healing process?

"I know" said Governor Palin, "lets have the boss insult Hispanics at lunch with a gratuitous slap in the face and then double down later in the day and reiterate that any Illegal Aliens will be deported come January 2017."

Job Done...

The Raptor would like to send out a short message to my Republican Friends. Get ready to bend over. Now that Candidate Trump has been named the Presumtive Candidate ahead of the Republican Convention, his team will begin courting GOP standard bearers such as Senator Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan to initiate intense fund raising efforts which will be necessary to engineer an effective, horrific spiteful campaign of venom designed to discredit the Presumtive Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton...


This happens every four years. Well Off Men of Means who like to gamble place upwards of a Billion Dollars of pocket change in the hands of dorks like Karl Rove to Campaign for Candidates such as Senator John Mccain, Governor Mitt Romney and now Candidate Donakld Trump in The General Election. Trump won't spend a dime of his own money now. And when the smoke clears there is a real possibility that the discourse that existed in years past will be finally and permenantly eliminated. Old Pols such as Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neil must be spinning in their graves.

Trump may win. It's not impossible and many Talking Heads are bringing up the big early leads enjoyed by Jimmy Carter, and Michael Dukakis as evidence. Anything could hapeen between now and the General Election. Terror Attack, Economic Crisis, Indictment, or an Act of God. The Electorate is so unstable that they coud turn in a heartbeat.

For The Raptor, it makes no difference who The President is. There is no tears being shed over the Nomination of Supreme Court Justices and Taxes are a fact of life. If taxes go down I spend more money and if taxes go up I charge other people more money. The Raptor will however support The Democratic Nominee/





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