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There Is Talk Of An Inauguration - 01/17/2017


The Raptor is getting ready to head out the door for some doctor visits. It has been determined that The Raptor has what is known in the Medical World as a "Large Chondroid Sarcoma" in the sternum. This mass will require surgical removal and it is such that processes like Radiation and chemotherapy are not prescribed.

The mass was somewhat evident as of April and May of 2016 and it was brought to the attention of The Raptor's PCP in June. At that time the PCP felt it was best to monitor the mass with a follow up visit which occurred in December 2016. Shortly after that a X- Ray was done, then shortly after that a CT Scan was performed. Once the CT Scan was performed a visit was scheduled with a Oncology Othopaedic Surgeon in Pittsburgh. Since the visit with that surgeon, a bone scan has been completed and today The Raptor will be travelling to Pittsburgh for a biopsy.

As additional details are developed, updates will be published. The Raptor appreciates your thoughts and payers.

With that being said, here are some brief thoughts on this coming Friday's Inauguration of Donald Trump as President of The United States. President-Elect Trump has spent the past two months preparing for this day and according to what The Raptor has learned on the MSNBC News Show "Morning Joe" this morning, President Elect Trump has been "fretting" during the past few days about the gravity of this situation. The Raptor has been watching this shit show unfold and as for as The Raptor is concerned President Elect Trump's "Acting Presidential" Ship has sailed.


President Elect Trump's conduct during this transition has been deplorable (to borrow some campaign rhetoric). President-Elect Trump's supporters won't care about this. Since their votes have been cast for him, they will have to ride the ship wherever it sails. The common hope is that President Elect Trump will suddenly become Presidential and carry out his promises to somehow Make America Great Again.

As far as The Raptor is concerned, America has been good as of late. Maybe not great and certainly there is always room for a improvement. Unfortunately, since President Elect Trump has been acting Un-Presidential, his decision to grow up is too little too late. In President-Elect Trump's own Twitter words...Sad!



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